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Ways To Keep Kids Busy And Screen Free This Summer

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means school is out and the kids are home! For many of us, that means we are scrambling to find fun ideas to keep the kids busy and screen-free this summer. Thankfully, I have been able to put together this list that will help keep the little ones active, learning, and inspired all summer long without tablets or giving your child a phone!

Ways to keep kids active and screen free this summer.

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Keep The Kids Screen Free This Summer

No lie, I am not that mama that is above handing a kid a tablet or turning on Netflix when I need to get something done. While, I am not opposed to screen time, I do think it should be limited though. So I try to do as little of it as possible, and work to find some fun screen free activities to help keep my heathens busy. I know as mamas, many of us are looking for some ideas to keep the kids screen free this summer. Thankfully, I was able to call up the help of some awesome mommy bloggers, and compile this list of fun activities! These are fun, wasy, and will keep the kids inspired and active all summer long!

Outside Summer Activities

Looking for screen free activities to get the kids outside this summer? Check out these super fun and easy outside ideas that the kids are guaranteed to love!

Balloon Paint Pop

My daughter loves this one! Fill some balloons with paint, and throw darts at them to make a modern art masterpiece.

balloon paint pop. screen free this summer


Fairy Volcano

Have the kids get outside and learning about science with this inexpensive screen free project. Perfect for all ages!

Super Easy Toddler Fairy Volcano Science Project. Screen free this summer


Make Your Own Bubbles

Another fun way to get the little ones outside is to make your own bubbles and go out to test them out! You can get a perfect recipe for some DIY bubbles right here. 

Get A Blow Up Pool

So not all of us can have a large pool in our yard, but most of us have room for at least a little blow up pool! You can find them relatively inexpensive on Amazon and they provide hours of fun to cool the kids off this summer.


Don’t want to get a blow up pool? The kids can still have loads of outside fun with some pretty inexpensive sprinklers.

Color Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a fun way to keep kids minds engaged this summer? This color scavenger hunt is the perfect outdoor activity for the little ones!

Water Balloon Baseball

This is one that I plan on doing with my heathens all summer long! Water Balloon baseball just screams summer fun doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to get wet and smash some water balloons with a bat?

Painting With Water Guns

Grab a few water guns from your local dollar tree, make some liquid water color paint, and create something beautiful!

23 Outdoor Games

Looking for more outdoor games this summer to keep the kids screen free? Then look no further than these awesome 23 outdoor games! Kids will have fun and burn off all of that excess energy.

Star Wars Bowling!

This is such a fun and simple idea that will keep all of your Jedi entertained for hours!

Easy Summer Crafts

Another fun way to keep the kids screen free this summer is to get crafty! These crafts are super simple and inexpensive as well…Trust me, I am not a crafty person and have done these with my own kids quite a few times!

Toilet Paper Crafts

Have some extra toilet paper rolls laying around? Use them to make something new instead of chucking them in the trash!

toilet paper roll crafts. screen free this summer

DIY Painted Rocks

Collect a few rocks and turn them into art! My daughter has been loving creating painted rocks, and I am sure your little ones will as well!

Clothespin Butterflies

These are super cute and can be made with all Dollar Tree crafting supplies!

Easy Kid's Dollar Tree Clothes Pin. Screen free this summer

DIY Princess Crowns

These princess crowns are so cute and really simple to make! Bonus, it is an upcycled craft which helps teach the little ones the importance of being more eco-friendly!

 DIY Picture Frames

These are so fun, and make perfect gifts as well.

Kid's Dollar Tree DIY Picture Frame Craft

Fly Swatter Painting

Y’all, how fun is this!? Painting with a fly swatter! I love painting and creating by more unusual means, and this would be so much fun to keep the little ones entertained this summer!


DIY Water Colors

Make these DIY Water colors with your little ones and have hours of crafting fun!

DIY Liquid Watercolor

Summertime Boredom Busters

Do your kids complain about being bored? No matter if it is a rainy day, or you simply want some new ways to keep the kids screen free this summer, check out these perfect boredom busters!

Mom, I’m Bored!

Check out 50 awesome boredom busters right here that you can do with your kids.

Still Bored? Do These

Kids still complaining about being bored? Here are even more ideas too keep the boredom at bay.

Rainy Day

Depending on where you live, summer time rain is a common occurrence. Keep the kids screen free this summer, even on rainy days with there 13 awesome ideas!

Have A Toddler? Check These Out!

Toddlers can lose interest QUICK! Thankfully there is this giant list of ways to keep them busy during the summer time!

10 Screen Free Activities

If you really want to keep the little ones screen free this summer, check out this list of 10 activities to do instead of watch TV.

Wear The Kids Out With These Ideas

Looking for a few ways to get the kids tired before bed time? How about instead of watching a movie, you check out this list!

Keep Busy Activities

Keep the little ones busy without giving into the tablet with this list of busy toddler ideas!

Family Game Night

Another fun way to spend some quality screen free time with the kids this summer is to have a family game night! No matter the age of your child, you can pick a game that everyone will love! Personal favorite of mine? Candy Land with the younger ones, or Monopoly if they are a bit older! What are some of your favorite family game night games? Need more family game night ideas? Check out these 12 awesome games!



Get In The Kitchen

Another fun way to keep the kids screen free this summer and bust their boredom is to get them in the kitchen! Cooking with kids is always so much fun and it teaches them useful life skills at the same time!

Cooking with Kids. screen free this summer

Looking For Events?

if you are looking for some fun, free, kid friendly events then you have to check out this awesome post to get you looking in the right direction!

Did you find anything new and inspiring here to keep your kids screen free this summer? Do you have any other fun ideas? Let me know in the comments below!




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Thursday 8th of December 2022

You are so inspiring and wish I had your energy to keep up with the kiddos when they are so young. Thank You :)


Friday 24th of September 2021

I don't have kids at the moment, and I think that this will be of help to me when I do hahaha! It seems like a lot of work having kids which it does. Well, according to what I've seen people with toddlers in their house these days! This is actually a pretty informative article and I appreciate it. Good job!


Tuesday 28th of September 2021

Thank you! Toddlers are a LOT, but so much fun too when you're ready

Laura Will

Monday 16th of August 2021

Your tips are very useful for those who are stressful in finding more gaming activities for kids without screen. Thanks for your sharing.


Saturday 22nd of May 2021

Great ideas! My son loves balloon paint pop.

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