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I’m Jessi. I have two wonderful children, Willow and Luca who are my light and my world. There is also my wonderful husband, Jeff supporting every decision I make.  I have been a working mom, a full time student and a stay at home mom all over the course of the past four years. Recently I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Legal studies and have worked as a Paralegal. For right now I am happy spending time with my children and watching them grow into unique individuals. I created The Coffee Mom to help other mothers who might find themselves struggling with parenthood.

My passion is raising my children to be the best people that they can be but it is also important to me to focus my energy on caring for myself and nurturing my marriage. Saving money is something that is extremely important in my house and I want to be able to share my tips and tricks with other mothers. It is my hope that my tips and tricks can help ease the frustration and make life with kids more enjoyable! The Coffee Mom is a place where mothers can feel welcome despite any challenges they might be facing. It is a rollercoaster ride for sure so buckle up and hold on!

There is nothing more exciting than watching your child grow and learn, but sometimes being a mom can make you want to pull your hair out! As a stay at home mom, wife, and student I understand this all too well. I enjoy finding new and exciting ways to engage with my children and learn with them, but sometimes mommy needs a break. That is where the coffee comes in. Motherhood is a constant learning experience, one that will always keep you on your toes! While there are perks to being a stay at home mom, sometimes we have to come up with creative ways to save money. I have been an avid couponer for a years now, and I am excited to share my tips and tricks. We are on this journey together, constantly learning and growing, but buckle up because it is a bumpy ride!

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  1. cookandenjoyrecipes says:

    Thank you for following. Take care of your kiddies, before you know they will be out of the house. You may think its still many yeas ahead, but I promise you, that’s what I thought and now we have 2 adult “children” witb 4 grandchildren. ❤️

  2. endardoo says:

    Out of interest, does your partner not want to be named? Or maybe I missed it. Nice blog design, but I wonder why the actual text typeface is so grey? I find it a little hard to read. Well, I can read it, but it’s not so comfortable on the eyes!

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