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Moving with Kids and Pets: Making Your Move Smooth

Moving home can become a lot trickier when you have either kids or pets. And when you have both of them, it’s even more stressful to get everyone moved to your new home. Both your children and your pets can find it difficult to be uprooted from their current home and moved to a new one. They’re used to being where they are now and all of the routines that exist within their home, so being moved can be stressful and upsetting. No matter if you are moving to a new country or right down the road, you can make the move easier for both your children and your pets if you take steps to prepare them and help them settle in.

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Prepare Children for Moving

In some ways, preparing your kids to move home can be a lot easier than doing so with your pets. Even young children are able to understand the move, although they might not grasp it completely until it happens. Pets, on the other hand, can’t really have it explained to them in advance. You can let your kids know that you’ll be moving, and you might have a chance to show them their new home before you move. You can explain what’s going to happen and also let them pick out their own room once you’ve moved.

Prepare Pets for Moving

Getting your pets ready to move might not be so easy. You can’t explain the move to them, which makes it tricky. However, you can ensure they’re used to some of the things that might have to happen when you move. For example, if they will need to go in a crate or carrier or you will need to put them in the car, this is something you can help them adjust to before you need to move home. Dogs might also benefit from being taken for a visit to their new home or for a walk around the neighborhood so they can become more familiar with it.

Make Arrangements for Moving Day

On the day of your move, you want things to go as smoothly as possible. You have a few options for what you might want to do concerning your kids and pets. They might be around on moving day or you might make other arrangements. While your packers and movers are working, it can be helpful to have your kids and pets out of the way. Younger children especially might benefit from spending the day with a friend or relative. Pets can either be shut away in an empty room or could go to a boarding facility or someone else’s house to keep them out of the way.

Get Your Children Involved

If your children are around on moving day, getting them involved in the move can help to make things easier for them. It gives them something to do and ensures they’re a part of everything instead of it all just happening to them. Your kids can help out by picking up their room, carrying and moving smaller boxes, or perhaps being in charge of the checklist. They can help out when you get to your new home too, helping with unpacking and even decorating.

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Put Aside Moving Day Essentials

It can be handy to have some essentials for moving day to make it easier for your children and pets. If you accidentally pack away something important, finding it again can be annoying or even impossible. For your pets, you might want to have handy items like food and water bowls, treats, pet carriers, leashes, and other useful things you’ll need for the move.

When your pet moves to a new home, the feeding bowl can be considered one of the most important tools. With a dog slow feeder, the dog will be mentally stimulated and enriched, which can reduce its anxiety when it is in an unfamiliar environment. There are even bowls designed with cinching features, making them easy to pack for vacations and for relocating as well.

If you can quickly locate your pet’s bed and other important items, it will help them settle in. For your kids, it might be helpful to have drinks and snacks, as well as things for them to do to keep them entertained.

Change Pet Contact Details

Pets can sometimes run away or get lost when you move them to a new home. They might try to return to their old home, and they might or might not make it there. If you want to make sure your pet is safe, make sure you change any important contact details. Change your pet’s microchip details so the correct address and contact number are on there. Registering with a local vet is also a good idea.

Helping Children to Settle In

After you’ve moved to your new home, helping your children to settle in will make the move easier for them to manage. One thing that will help is to give your children some level of control and let them have their own opinion. They might be able to choose which bedroom they want and how to decorate it, or you might ask them how they want to explore their new neighborhood. Helping them to find new friends in the local area is also a good way to help children settle in and feel more comfortable.

Helping Pets to Settle In

Some pets will quickly adjust to a new environment, whereas others might take a bit longer to feel comfortable. It can depend both on the species and the pet’s individual personality. Cats can take longer to settle into a new place compared to dogs. If your cat goes outside, it’s a good idea to keep them in for a while until they’re used to their new home. Giving your pets their usual comforts such as beds and toys will help them to feel more at home after you move.

Keep Your Routines

Keeping up your usual routines is a good way to help both kids and pets settle into a new home. If you can quickly get into the same routines that you usually have, it can be reassuring for both your children and your animals. From getting the kids up in the morning and putting them to bed at the same time to walking and feeding your dog at the usual times, it will offer them security and familiarity.

Make your move a smoother one by planning how to help your kids and pets manage the change.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.