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5 Foods You Must Never Feed Your Dog

When you have a dog, he or she can often become just like part of the family, and you might find yourself feeding them leftovers or snacks that are meant for humans without really thinking about it. You might not see any harm in it at all. Unfortunately, some human food is dangerous for dogs and can even be fatal, which is why you should always stick to specialist healthy food for dogs and nothing else.  You might also wonder can dogs eat vanilla ice cream? As dog parents, we always have to be aware of the food we give.

5 Foods You Must Never Feed Your Dog

Never Feed these Foods to Your Dog

Here are some of the worst foods to feed your dog so you can steer well clear of them in the future. 


Of all the foods on this list, chocolate might be the most dangerous of all to dogs. It’s highly toxic due to the theobromine it contains. This chemical attacks the dog’s kidneys, heart, and even its central nervous system. 

There are dog-friendly alternatives, however, so don’t despair; you can still treat your pet to something tasty, as long as it’s not the human version because even the smallest amount can quickly be fatal. 


You’ll find onions in many different foods you eat daily; sometimes you’ll be aware of them, and sometimes they’ll be mixed in with sauces and so on. This is why you shouldn’t feed any human food to dogs if possible (and there are so many great dog foods out there that you really shouldn’t need to); you might accidentally feed them onions. If a dog eats onions, they might develop stomach cramps and pains, diarrhea, and it can even affect their hearts. 

Grapes and Raisins 

You might think that giving your pet any kind of fruit or vegetables wouldn’t be bad for them, especially since some vegetables are actually recommended for dogs and are included in the food you can buy them. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and you must be careful about exactly which types of fruit and vegetables you feed them. 

Take grapes and raisins, for example. They can lead to kidney failure in dogs, and it could only take one raisin to start the problems if your pet suffers from any underlying health issues that affect their immune system. 


Chewing Gum

It’s doubtful that you would ever willingly give your dog chewing gum, but if you have it in your purse or your home somewhere, make sure it’s out of reach of your dog, who may well want to eat it. The same is true when you take them for a walk; you can find chewing gum easily on sidewalks, and your dog might eat it up before you realize what’s happening, so pay attention at all times. 

The problem with gum is that it contains xylitol which is very poisonous to dogs and causes seizures, vomiting, and eventually liver failure. 

Small Cooked Bones 

Bones are the perfect food for dogs, aren’t they? We see it all the time in advertisements, it’s in books, and don’t forget all those cartoons and movies we saw as kids. Well, the answer to this one is a little more complicated than you might think. Bones are good for dogs, but they must be uncooked (and therefore not soft), and they must be large.

Small and/or cooked bones are dangerous since they can become lodged in the dog’s throat or stomach, and they can splinter, causing even more damage. Bones are good for your dog’s teeth, and they’ll enjoy the nutrients, but it must be a large raw one, and you should supervise while they enjoy it. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.