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How to Use Frozen Breast Milk

Not sure how to use frozen breast milk other than for feeding your baby? These unexpected uses for your breast milk stash will inspire you to use up your stash long after your baby is done eating it!

Alright, mamas, I am going to be real with you. When I first gave birth to my son, I fully planned on going back to work as a paralegal after my recovery time. So I did what any breastfeeding mom planning to work does, and power pump! 

honestly ended up with a huge stash in my deep freezer, perfect if I would have gone back to work. Well, things changed and I ended up working from home instead.

Now, I have a huge stash, taking up room that I don’t really need. So I scoured the magical interwebs for ideas and came up with 15 + genius and unexpected breast milk use for my oversupply.

15 Unexpected and Genius uses for breast milk that isn't just for feeding the baby! some fun breat milk uses include Makeing breast milk soap, lotion, and learn about all the other amazing uses for this liquid gold! #breastmilkuses #usesforbreastmilk

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How to Use Frozen Breast Milk

Breast milk isn’t just for feeding babies! This stuff has so many amazing uses, many of which I had no clue about! While I did end up using some of my stashes when I would leave my soon overnight or for a date night, I still had such a huge amount that I felt like I was drowning!

After a little crying at the thought that all my hard work pumping would go to waste, I decided to scour Pinterest for unexpected breast milk uses.

Much to my glee, it was filled with awesome ideas for my frozen stash.  Some I had heard of before, some were new to me, but all of them were genius!

After trying out a TON of these ideas, I have compiled this list of all of my favorites just in case anyone else out there is struggling with trying to use up a frozen breast milk stash.



There are a few ways you can feed your kids breast milk, without using a bottle! I personally think it is a lot of fun to “sneak” healthy foods into something that my kids will enjoy eating.

This can be done with breast milk as well! It isn’t just for drinking anymore, and the kids get all of the good health benefits as well! SCORE!

  • Breast Milk Smoothies
  • Ice Pops for Teething
  • Pancakes! Yes, breast milk pancakes! They are light, and fluffy and the kids tear them up! You can check out my favorite recipe from Morgan Manages Mommyhood.

For The Skin

The largest bulk of the unexpected breast milk uses is for the skin. This can be for baby skin or even adult skin! There are so many topical benefits that it is insane that I did not think of some of these sooner!

  • Lotion. Yes, I said it. You can make your very own breast milk lotion with this awesome recipe from My Momtastic Life!
  • Acne/Baby acne. Just a little on the skin can help with this common issue!
  • Diaper Rash
  • Cradle Cap
  • Dry Skin/Rashes. Perfect for adults and kids alike!
  • Soap! Another awesome DIY that I found over at has you making your very own breast milk soap!
  • Baths! I love using a few bags of milk in a bath for the kids when they are under the weather or have a rash going on.
  • Sunburn.

Breast Milk Lotion


The last group I guess is all about health and sickness. These unexpected breast milk uses are perfect for everyone and really work for common childhood illnesses.

  • Ear Infections
  • Pink Eye
  • Donation! Yup, the donation is always an awesome option when you have an oversupply.
  • Cancer Patients. There is a ton of research right now on the benefits of consuming breast milk by cancer patients. While it is relatively new, it is really awesome!

Seriously guys, this stuff really is liquid gold! There are so many uses for breast milk, that it should never go to waste! Honestly, you can even sell it apparently!

While this isn’t something I ever thought about, it is interesting that there is an actual market out there. From what I saw, it is mainly body builders who purchase it.

So if you have an oversupply, there is so much you can do with your breast milk!

Now I want to know, what is the most unexpected use of breast milk that you have done or heard of?


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RoseAnne Marshall

Wednesday 30th of May 2018

Hey! Thanks so much for the tips! For the breastmilk lotion, would if need yo be kept in the fridge to prevent from spoiling? My little one is 12weeks old so I've already got a supply in the fridge!


Wednesday 30th of May 2018

I don't keep it in the fridge, but I use it pretty quickly and make small batches. I don't think it would hurt to store it in the fridge.


Wednesday 21st of March 2018

Wow amazing tips.I would love to try the breastmilk lotion sometime


Tuesday 13th of March 2018

I had no idea that there were so many other uses. This is super interesting for when baby doesn’t need.


Friday 9th of March 2018

I had no idea that breastmilk has so many benefits. Will Surely pass this ideas to my mommy friends..

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