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How to Make Your Home Look and Feel More Secure

Making your home more secure isn’t just about ensuring it feels safe to you. It’s also a good idea to think about how you can make sure your home looks secure to everyone else. If would-be trespassers and burglars can see that your home is secure, they might decide that it’s not worth the effort of trying to break in. But if they do attempt it, you’ll still have the knowledge that you have things in place to prevent them from doing it or catch them in the act.

make your home more secure

Make Your Home Secure with These Easy Tips

When you’re thinking about home security, you can consider how to make your home more secure. It will not only help your home to be safer, but it will also feel safer and look more secure to anyone walking or driving past.

Fence and Gate Security

Improving the security of your home’s perimeter can prevent people from getting onto your property in the first place. If they can’t get on your land, they certainly won’t be able to get inside your home. If you already have a fence or perhaps a wall surrounding your home, you should check that it’s intact and standing firmly. There might be some things you can do to improve the security, such as increasing the height or using anti-climb paint. If you don’t yet have a fence, installing one can give you better security at home.

Turn your attention to your gate too. There are many ways to create a secure gate, whether you have a manual gate or an electric one. Checking it regularly to make sure you can close and lock it properly can go a long way. Metal gates are generally more secure because they’re harder to climb over. You should check that the hinges, bolt, and lock are all secure.

Get Visible Cameras

Security cameras make sure that your alarm system is visible. If you’re going to install cameras, you can make them more effective by letting people know that they’re there. This might seem counterintuitive, but it can scare people off if they know they might be caught on camera. Additionally, you might be legally required to make it clear that you have cameras that are recording your property or the street even if you don’t put your cameras in a prominent place, a camera letting people know that you have them can be effective. Some people even use dummy cameras, but it can be worth investing in real ones.

A doorbell camera is something that some people find useful. It’s in a clearly visible place and it will record people who come to your door, whether it’s delivery people, friends, and neighbors, or anyone who might be up to something suspicious. Whether you’re at home or you’re out, you can check who it is.

secure your home doors

Secure Your Doors

More secure doors can quickly help you to feel more secure in your home. They can also help to make your home look more secure from the outside, so anyone might be less tempted to try a break-in. Strong locks are a must if you want to secure your doors, and they should be of good quality too. Don’t forget to pay attention to all external doors, not just your front door. Make sure the locks look secure from the outside and consider installing a peephole if you don’t have a doorbell camera. Sometimes the best way to improve the security of a door is to replace the whole thing and get a solid new lock.

Make sure the locks remain operational by performing routine inspections after installation. By doing so, you can identify potential risks and fix them before they jeopardize the security of your house. Also, keep a set of essential locksmith tools to allow you to carry out repairs and maintenance without waiting for a locksmith to arrive.

Get New Windows

Another possible point of entry for your home is through the windows. But if they look secure from the outside, you can prevent people from trying anything. If your doors look old, it’s useful to consider replacing them. If you head to the Flagstaff Window website, you can see how a professional service will take care of your needs for you. New windows can be installed to look similar to your existing ones or give your home a new look. If they’re windows you can open, you should make sure they have solid locks.

Of course, it’s also important to close your windows when you’re not at home, as well as at night. Leaving your windows open will leave them vulnerable and might mean someone will try to break in. Close and lock your windows when you’re not around to keep a close eye on them.

Show Your Alarm System

An alarm system is an excellent asset to have to help make your home more secure. But if you want to also make your home look more secure, you should make sure that your alarm system is visible. Having an alarm that can be seen on the outside of your home is a good way to show that you’re taking your security seriously. Any possible intruders should be able to spot it and be more reluctant to attempt a break-in or anything else. Of course, it’s not just the visibility of your alarm that matters. It should also be a good alarm system that you can rely on. A smart alarm system is a good choice if you want lots of control over it.

safe back yardInstall Security Lighting

Better lighting around the exterior of your home is a great way to make it look more secure. You can use lighting to make your home safer too, lighting the way when you leave or get home so you can see better. Your outdoor lighting could be on at all times whenever it’s dark or you can also use motion sensors. Motion sensors will turn your lights on when movement is detected, which can be a good way to scare off intruders. However, you may need to be careful of anything else that could set off the sensor, such as animals that just happen to be walking past or playing in your backyard.

Secure Outdoor Spaces and Storage

If you have any outdoor buildings or storage, securing them is an important way to protect your property. People could break into them and steal things or could hide in them and later gain access to the rest of your home. Making them more secure will help to keep your home safe. In some cases, a simple padlock can secure these places. However, you might need to be aware of anyone that could cut the padlock. It’s a good idea to also have an alarm to protect any valuable items that you might be kept outdoors. If you keep bicycles or other sports equipment outside, use a secure bike store or another storage unit to discourage theft. Don’t leave anything lying out in your yard to tempt criminals.

Choose the Right Plants

Your choice of plants can make your home look and feel more secure too. Firstly, using plants to border the perimeter of your home can help to create privacy. It’s a good way to fill in any gaps you might have between fencing or walls. But you can also choose the right plants to deter people from trespassing. For example, if you use spiky plants that are likely to hurt people if they try to squeeze past or through them, it can stop people from coming onto your property. Anything dense or thorny can be a good pick to stop people from trying to trespass.

When you’re improving security for your home, you can do more than just make it more secure. Make it look secure too, and you could improve security even further.

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