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3 Hidden Elements Of Home Security You May Be Ignoring

We need not begin this post with an endless preamble about how and why your home needs to be safe. It’s likely you already understand that and care for the wellbeing of your family first, and property second. Yet it’s also true that sometimes, even the main fixtures of securing our property, such as by using locks, motion-sensitive floodlights, window fasteners, shutters, gates, and security or door cameras might not be enough.

That’s not to say you should avoid those measures, of course, but that often, thieves and other rogue elements may be expecting this to start with. It’s important, then, to protect your home in a manner that takes care of the hidden opportunities of accessibility you would rather do without, and of course, it’s good to know how to take care of that. In this post, we’ll lay out three hidden elements of home security that can help you stay safer even when the necessary security implements have been applied. This way, we hope you can stay safer than safe, and feel a sense of peace when occupying your home.

'Are You Doing Everything Possible To Keep Your Home In Good Condition

Social Safety

Social safety nets can help you not only prevent intrusions onto your land or property but help you get the assistance you need should that be an in-action issue. Getting involved with local neighborhood watch programs can provide this value and benefit for obvious reasons, potentially helping you report issues, such as strange cars and home viewers, ahead of time. Others will pay the same courtesy to you. Social safety can also involve having neighbors on call so that you can contact them should you need help, or perhaps have them park their vehicle in your driveway when on vacation. With trusted eyes watching your property and its surroundings, observational opportunities increase.

Garage & Side Door Access

Garage access can be a problem all in itself, especially if the door is relatively old. This is why the best garage door repair service should be utilized from time to time, to inspect and repair the scope of your door and its associated opening mechanism. Additionally, all doors should be locked and sturdy, including small side doors or archways that allow for property access. Don’t give a potential trespasser any possible means of entering your property without permission.

Second-Level Entrances

Sure, your doors might be sturdy, but how about your windows? It might be that your bathroom window upstairs is pretty much open throughout the day and evening, and thanks to the ladder you keep stored in your back garden, someone could quite easily gain access. Perhaps a porch roof provides easier access for someone to use your window upstairs. Maybe your home is built in steep land, and so someone could access your roof with care unless anti-climb paint is placed on the surrounding fence. Keep your options open, and inspect just how many opportunities for intrusion there are, even on the second level. There’s no need for paranoia, but healthy checks can be essential.

With this advice, we hope you can curate the 3 hidden elements of home security you may have been ignoring.

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