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How to Throw a Super Sweet Donut Birthday Party

Donuts seem to be all the rage right now… And who can be mad about that? They are sweet, simple, and utterly delicious! Since everyone seems to be nuts for donuts right now, it should come as no surprise that donut parties are all the rage at the moment!

This year, my daughter jumped right on the bandwagon and specifically requested that I put together a super sweet donut birthday party for her. How could I say no? The party was surprisingly easier to pull off than I expected. So if I can pull off this super sweet donut birthday, you can too!

Donut Grow Up Birthday Party. This donut birthday party is super sweet and easy to pull off! Make a simple donut drip cake, create a DIY donut bar, and get the cutest donut party accessories for a steal!

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Donut Birthday Party

Throwing a donut grow-up birthday party for your super sweet little one is probably the easiest theme you can do right now! In comparison to my magical unicorn birthday party, this one was much easier and took a lot less prep time.

All of the donut birthday party supplies came from Amazon as well. Right to my door in two days with Amazon Prime… Can’t get any easier than that! I picked up an excellent donut birthday set. Instead of buying cups, plates, tablecloths, etc all separate, I got a killer deal on a great donut birthday bundle.

Of course, there are countless decorations or gifts suitable for a donut party. In addition to booking a birthday package, you can also add some eye-catching elements to the party, like custom neon signs to elevate the look of your decor.

You can customize the color and pattern of your neon sign any way you like, making it the perfect fit for any party. Custom neon signs are fantastic at creating the perfect party atmosphere. They not only elevate your party decor but also make quite a lasting impression on your friends. 

If you need unique party favors, these customizable high-quality birthday party cheap lanyards are the best choice for your party. In addition to their custom lanyards,’s birthday party wristbands also make for a perfect match, custom lanyards are completely universal so they can be used for any type of birthday party, no matter the gender, location, or date of the party. You can design any color you need on it, choose your favorite lanyard style, and you can also hang invitations below to invite friends, Order Now.

This honestly made life so much easier. All of the decors was taken care of and I was able to focus on the fun part… Creating a donut drip cake and a super fun DIY donut bar!

Dount Drip Cake

sweet donut party

Probably the hardest part of putting this whole party together was making this donut drip cake. I had never made a cake like this before, so it was a little nerve-wracking but in the end, I think it turned out pretty darn good!

Even though it is not a Pinterest perfect party cake, I still love it… And the kids loved it too! You can learn how to recreate ( or even one-up me) with this donut party cake here!

DIY Donut Bar

Diy Donut Bar

While the cake was pretty great, everyone’s favorite part of the party was the DIY Donut Bar. It was so fun and so simple to put together. The “donuts” are actually made from cupcake mix! I picked up the purple and blue cupcake mixes from my local grocery store for probably about a dollar apiece!

If you want to recreate the donut bar, just grab some cupcake mix, donut pans, frosting, and sprinkles! There you have it, you are good to go! I used the large and mini donut pans to make different sizes.

The gold plates I used came from the Dollar Tree, as did the little containers I picked up for the sprinkles and frosting. No matter what kind of party you are throwing, always check out your local Dollar Tree for some amazing deals!

Diy Donut Bar at donut birthday party

Other than making the donut cupcakes, you just need to set out some sprinkles and frosting and let the kids go nuts! Everyone at the party absolutely loved being able to make and decorate their very own donut! By the end of the day, we had not a single donut left, which was great for me because I didn’t have to keep them in the house and be tempted by all of the delicious sweets.

Not a Pinterest Perfect Party

As you can see, while I am super proud of this donut party, it is by no means “Pinterest Perfect”. This isn’t one of those difficult to recreate almost too pretty for words type of birthday.

It also won’t cost you an arm, leg, and right kidney to recreate! Honestly, I love a good backyard birthday party. We tend to do parties every other year… Then on “non-party” years, we do an adventure or outing.

birthday girl at her donut birthday party

I think this keeps the craziness in check and lets us enjoy parties, but not overload on them! So if you want to do your own donut birthday party, then go for it!

Don’t stress about it being “perfect” and don’t go broke trying to make it awesome! I promise, no matter what you do, your kids will love it and love you for it!

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Donut Grow Up Birthday Party. This donut birthday party is super sweet and easy to pull off! Make a simple donut drip cake, create a DIY donut bar, and get the cutest donut party accessories for a steal!

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Thursday 27th of August 2020

What a cute party idea!


Friday 28th of August 2020

Thank you!

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Kyle Bloomfield

Wednesday 29th of May 2019

I had organized unicorn-themed birthday party but donut party seems easy to organize. I was searching for an easy themed birthday party and I got this idea form your blog. This is gonna be the easiest, unique and kids would love donuts. Thanks!


Wednesday 29th of May 2019

That's awesome! WE did unicorn theme one year and it was fun as well, but the donut one was much easier for sure. I am sure you will have an awesome party.

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