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3D Printed Toys for Children

3D printers are currently very popular in all fields. They use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and print your desired object in 3D. You can pick your choice of material as well, of the object to be printed. 

Certainly, they are being widely used in almost every field, whether it be medicine, prosthetics, dentistry, construction, car parts, etc. Apart from being useful in all those serious fields, 3D printers can be fun for children as well. 

Moreover, there exist many companies that sell 3D-printed toys for kids since they are easy to manufacture, and are comparatively cheaper too. 

With so many printable designs, it becomes hard to choose the toy to be printed. You can print almost anything with a 3D printer but to make it look more organized, let’s put them into 3 categories: toys that move, toys you can build, and toys for toddlers. 

3D Printed Toys for Children

3D Printed Toys that Move 

Typically, 3D printed toys are thought of as static and boring but that is not the case. You can make moving toys with a 3D printer as well. You will just need to add some more parts to it. For example: –

  • Spinning tops 

This is the simplest of all toys that you can 3D print. There aren’t many parts to it but you can experiment with the material and design. 

  • Mini monster trucks 

Add some wheels to your custom-made truck and you can race that monster truck. Other than the conventional truck shape you can get creative like making a turtle shell or a skull truck. 

  • Mini catapults 

A simple and yet fun printable toy. It can throw a paper ball or anything small. It can be a fun desk toy for adults too. 

3D Printed Toys that Move 

3D Toys you can build 

  • Surprise eggs 

Everyone loves a surprise egg. They bring back the nostalgia from kinder eggs back in the days that came with the goodness of chocolate. The 3D-printed surprise eggs might not have the chocolate but are designed to perfectly envelop toys of your choice. In some cases, parts of the toy which you later assemble. 

  • Modular puzzles 

The good old jigsaw puzzle is something every child had. You can make it even more fun with the 3D printer by printing a maze design or a mountain terrain that needs to be attached like a jigsaw. 

  • Dollhouse

Dollhouses can be customized to your choice by a custom 3D printed design. Your doll now can have a bigger lounge or a fancier bedroom or anything of your choice. 

  • Board robot 

A board robot has all its parts printed and fixed on a board separately. You have to detach the parts from the board and assemble them to have a robot that you can later play with. The fun part is, that the robot’s arms, legs, and head can be moveable/rotatable. 

3D Toys you can build 

Toys for toddlers 

Toys for toddlers need to be extra safe since there is a chance they might swallow small parts. for them, you can 3D print squishable toys like rubber animals, dice in a bottle that would make a sound when shaken, etc., 

With some precautions, any 3D-printed toy can be made safe. Things like sharp edges must be avoided. 

Toys for toddlers 

Having the best 3D printers for kids can be an exciting new experience. You will be opening a door of creative possibilities for your children and they can experiment and boost their creativity.

Nevertheless, with such a vast variety of 3D-printed toys, such as mini monster trucks, rubber band gliders, surprise eggs, micro catapults, and many more, it’s obvious the choice is not that easy to make. Luckily, here’s an informative article that contains an all-encompassing best 3D printers for kids analysis.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.