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Killing Your Boredom When There’s Nothing To Do

Boredom is something that anyone can be a victim of, no matter the environment and resources. It’s natural to get bored from time to time, and it’s never a pleasant feeling. Whether you’re bored in general, or you’ve just currently got nothing to do to pass the time. There’s a solution for you. You should be working on killing your boredom as soon as possible. Time spent bored is time wasted. Even if you spend it doing something fun in productive, it’s far better than doing nothing. 

Everyone has their own preferences, so you’ve got to find something that fits your needs and your timeframe.

Play a game

Games can come in all shapes and sizes. Games can be played alone or with other people. They can be played for hours or just a few minutes at a time. You might be against the idea of spending your free time playing games, but like mentioned before – killing time with something you enjoy is a much better option than having nothing to do at all. Also, games can be a good way to keep your brain active and learning. 

Phone games, console games, anything that you like the look of makes for a great timekiller, just don’t get stuck in the habit of it when you have other priorities to take care of.

Give reading a go

If you’ve never been the type to pick up a book whenever you had the time, this is the perfect chance for you to do so. You don’t need to be really into a book to try this, and it could be a good opportunity to try out a few different ones to get a feel for your preferred choice of book. A kindle is a good choice if you don’t want to carry around a book with you everywhere you go, or you could give audiobooks a try! If you don’t like reading or you find it strains your eyes too easily, audiobooks are a great way to still enjoy a book without having to read it.

Do a puzzle

Puzzles are something that we can all enjoy here and there. They’re a great way to challenge yourself in your downtime. When you’re bored, it’s easy to slump into a state of low energy, your mind isn’t being challenged. A puzzle or a puzzle game is a great way to prevent that. PennyDell Puzzles offer a great variety of different puzzles for you to engage with, and they can be done in any amount of time you want. In the waiting room and need something quick to do? You’re covered! 

Be creative

Doodling or drawing is something that happens as a reaction when you’re on the phone, and you don’t always need to think about what you’re doing when you draw. You can just let your pen do the talking, no need for any preplanning or accuracy of what you want the picture to result in. If you actually like drawing, it’s a great way to work on your drawing abilities, as you’re practicing pen control with everything you draw. You could even just draw the nearest objects to you if you want to practice still-life.

If drawing isn’t your thing, it could be a great time to do some creative writing. Even if you don’t have anything solid to write about right now, you can brainstorm, list some things you think sound fun, or just write out brief ideas. Eventually, you’ll have enough notes and prompts to go off of, and you can start to tie everything together. You don’t have to use anything you write for it to be productive, practice is practice.

Learn an instrument

At first, you might think of learning an instrument that requires far too much practice than you have time for. And in some cases, it might be. If you’re a very busy individual, but if you’re often stuck with nothing to do – an instrument can be the perfect solution. It’s a talent that you can work on and be proud of. As well as channel your creativity through once you’re experienced enough. That’s something that’s invaluable, and consistently in your downtime will be enough to see that you learn it enough to take it to a new level.

Work on a new language

There are so many different languages out there! And there are a lot of benefits to speaking more than just one. Like learning an instrument! It’s easy to give up on the idea of learning a new language when you think about how much work goes into it. It’s better to look at it in small pieces, you don’t need to learn a lot every day. If you’re just passively and slowly learning in your free time, you’ll get there eventually. Try out Duolingo if you’re looking for an easy way to get into learning a new language.

Window shop

There’s no greater feeling than treating yourself to something. Although now might not be the time to do so, it’s a good time to check out what you might be interested in. You can put together a list of all of the things you want, even if it’s small things. When it comes time to treat yourself, or someone asks you what you’d like as a gift. You have a list of all of the things that you’re interested in. No more racking your brain for ideas when people are trying to please you with gifts!

Check out new hobbies

Part of the reason that you have nothing to do is that you aren’t sure what you might enjoy when you’re having downtime. If you take the time to look into what hobbies might interest you during your time doing nothing. You’ll have something ready to do the next time you need it. Being bored just means that you need something new in your life.  It’s easily cured by trying something that’s new to you.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.