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10 Clever Ways To Use Coffee As Part Of Your Self-Care Routine

Having a self-care routine can be an excellent way to preserve your mental health. Self-care involves doing things for yourself that help you relax, remain grounded, and enjoy what life has to offer. Everyone’s self-care routine will be different, and it’s all about finding the right balance and activities to help you thrive.

For coffee lovers, coffee can become an excellent and multifunctional part of your self-care routine. The ritual of making coffee, the early morning routine, and enjoying a new or favorite blend can be invaluable for self-care. There are plenty of ways to include coffee in self-care beyond just the enjoyment of the drink. 

Coffee Lover’s Self-Care Routine

Coffee Lover's Self Care Routine

Visit Your Favorite Coffee Shop

Going to a coffee shop can be an excellent way to treat yourself. Whether you prefer one of the big coffee franchises like Starbucks, or a local independent business with unique blends, treating yourself to a coffee can be excellent for self-care. It is best to visit your favorite coffee shop only occasionally, as overtime, buying coffee daily can mount up in cost. 

Go For A Coffee With Friends

Socializing is another critical element of any self-care routine. Humans are social creatures, and going too long without connecting with other people can be detrimental to your mental health. Arranging a coffee date with a loved one can be an excellent way to stay connected and enjoy quality time with friends and family. 

Curl Up In An Armchair With Coffee And A Book

Spending quiet time with your own company can be another excellent form of self-care. There’s nothing quite like curling up with a quality cup of coffee and a book, spending an hour or two enjoying the quiet. You could invest in an armchair that offers good support, make yourself a cup of coffee and curl up under a blanket to read. 

Curl Up In An Armchair With Coffee And A Book

Use Coffee Grounds For DIY Beauty Treatments

There are plenty of health and skincare benefits to coffee, so using coffee grounds to make DIY beauty treatments can be an excellent option. Caffeine can help reduce cellulite, so making a body scrub using coffee grounds can be an ideal option. Consider mixing your coffee grounds with olive or coconut oil to create a natural, hydrating and exfoliating body and face scrub. 

Learn To Make The Perfect Latte

Making your own coffee can be a great way to look after your mental health and save money compared to visiting a coffee shop each day. Depending on your favorite type of coffee, you’ll need all the right equipment. A latte is a good place to start, and you should ask yourself the question, what is a latte? Use helpful online guides like the resources from Cup & Bean to make the process easier. 

Get Up Early To Enjoy A Leisurely Morning Coffee

Many people fall into the trap of snoozing away their mornings before getting up with minutes to spare and rushing around their morning routine. This is an understandable impulse, but it isn’t the best way to begin your day well. It is much better to get up with plenty of time to complete your morning routine and enjoy a relaxed coffee to start the day right. 

Get Up Early To Enjoy A Leisurely Morning Coffee

Drink Your Coffee Mindfully

Taking the time to enjoy your coffee can be essential for your self-care. Mindfulness is the practice of staying in the moment, appreciating and enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the things around you. When you next have a cup of coffee, make sure you won’t be disturbed. Take the time to really focus on the smell and taste of your beverage. This will make your enjoyment of coffee even deeper. 

Try Out Different Blends

Trying out new blends of coffee can be a great form of self-care. You could visit a coffee shop in person to see what combinations they offer or look at coffee shops online. Consider trying something new that you might not usually choose for an exciting new coffee experience. You could also consider signing up for a coffee delivery subscription to get brand new blends delivered to your door regularly.

Enjoy The Coffee-Making Ritual

Making coffee is an enjoyable ritual, and the process of measuring coffee, steaming milk, adding syrup, and creating foam art can be a great way to relax. Some even consider it akin to a form of meditation. Routine can be therapeutic, so enjoying your coffee like this is invaluable. It is also important to switch up your routine occasionally to continue getting the most benefit.

Enjoy The Coffee-Making Ritual

Invest In New Drinkware

Choosing new drinkware can be a great way to improve your enjoyment of your coffee. There are many options out there. Having a special mug that you use for your coffee can be an excellent way to make the routine more special. Consider getting a set of four mugs so that you can offer guests the same quality experience and so you have spares if something happens to your main mug.




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