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Best Remote Jobs in the Technical Field

If you are looking for remote jobs, this list is for you. We will check some of the best jobs that can be done from home and what it takes to get them. In a world where technology has taken its toll and provided many opportunities for people to earn from the comfort of their homes, it’s more than enough to say we are lucky to have such an opportunity. There was a time when working from home was considered a pipe dream which is slowly turning into reality.

Remote Jobs in the Technical Field

Best Remote Jobs in the Technical Field

These days anyone can have a remote job even those that have no experience working in the digital world. This has been enabled by social media in general, where people can make a following and earn through promotions and ads. There are also very popular platforms such as OnlyFans where top onlyfans models have set up a monthly subscription fee and they earn by sharing photos and videos for their subscribers.

In the following, we will take a look at some of the online jobs that can become very lucrative careers for those that are willing to study and get into the technical field of the digital world. 

Remote Jobs in the Technical Field

UI/UX Designer

UI stands for user interface, while UX is for user experience. In this role, your job will be to focus on the interactivity of the website and how the visitors experience their journey on your client’s site. You may observe patterns and behaviors, survey users, come up with improvements to attract more visitors to the site, or keep people longer.

For example, YouTube has a great tactic of keeping people on the site as long as possible by displaying ads on the videos. Being in this field might not be as easy as you thought, but at the end of the day, it’s one of the highest-paying remote jobs.


You might be shocked how much editors earn. Professional editors can sometimes earn six figures per year. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it’s the reality and whether you are editing books, technical documents, online articles, whitepapers, or other corporate documents, this is one of the best ways to earn money online. However, you’ll need to have some editing skills and experience in the field to perform this job.

Every publication and online website has a team of editors or just an editor. How about the articles you read on Forbes? Or in the New York Times? They all have been edited. And the best part is, that you can do this job online and the requirements are pretty easy if you are already a professional in the field.

UIUX Designer

Software Engineer

As a software engineer, you’ll be in charge of the creation and development of software. It’s a broad field that includes web development, mobile app development, and developing in-house tools for banks or scripts that analyze data so that companies can improve their advertising process. If you are working remotely, it’s more than probable that you’ll earn $100K+. 

Some of your daily activities as a software engineer might include research, design, and writing new software programs and computer operating systems. And this is one of the easiest types of jobs where the employer will let you work from home. It’s a lucrative job position that will bring you financial freedom, more free time, and comfort.

Web Designer

Web design is one field in the IT industry. If you didn’t find your way around programming and engineering, you might consider becoming a web designer. Before the web page is created and developed, someone has to figure out and assemble the design, the color schemes, graphics, layout, buttons, etc. This is the job of a web designer.

Whether you’ll be working as a freelancer or for an agency, it’s totally possible to get your six figures at the end of the year. You’ll work closely with tech people like software engineers, but you won’t need their skills and background to be able to operate properly.

Web Designer

Product Designer

Design work has become a popular thing in the remote culture. We see beautiful designs everywhere, on billboards, social media, websites, product packages, etc. As a product designer, you will take an idea or a concept and will turn it into a real product. You will work with sketches and prototypes through the testing phases until the finalization of the product.

Some of your responsibilities will include creating print or digital drawings, defining product specifications, and designing fully-functional products. You need to have an eye for shape and color to succeed in this role and translate the client’s requirements into product features. It’s a great remote job, and you can earn a lot as a product designer.

Digital Marketer

It looks like we’ve put this list of mostly IT jobs. But what can we do when we live in a world where we rely on technology? Who could blame us? As a digital marketer, you’ll help the company build its online presence with content creation and social media.

Digital marketers manage paid ad campaigns since companies earn far more from successful campaigns, and you’ll be well compensated for your efforts. It’s an excellent opportunity to work from home and make between $100K-$200K while working in this field.


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