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What Do You Look For in a Smart Scale?

Living healthy has become quite a trend after realizing just how fragile human life can be after the global pandemic.

This is probably why more people invest in eating healthier, working out more, and even investing in gadgets that can help them measure their progress, such as smartwatches and smart scales.

What Do You Look For in a Smart Scale

What Is a Smart Scale Anyway?

Gadgets have evolved and have become smarter to make things more convenient or more detailed.

This includes upgrades on your regular weighing scale. When you’re dealing with precision in terms of your health check, a smart scale is an upgrade worth investing in, as some of them have features that will greatly help you track your progress as you work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you’re trying to lose fat, gain more muscle, or simply fit into the normal body mass index for your age, a smart scale can give you these added features without the hassle of doing manual calculations.

We’ll be talking about some features below that you could check out while you’re deciding what specific smart scale will do the work for you.

What Is a Smart Scale Anyway

Things to Look Out For

Weight Compositions

You’re getting a smart scale primarily for added features that you won’t find in a regular scale, such as checking your body fat, muscle rate, your water weight, BMI, your visceral fat, bone mass, your body age, and even your protein levels among others.

The best way to go about this is to compare products and see what each one has to offer in terms of calculations and which ones you are looking for to track.

Smartphone Connectivity

Additionally, the second most important feature–the one that brings the smart into your gadget–is the added function of your scale to be connected to your smartphone, which greatly aids in tracking your results.

Look for ones that will connect well with your current phone. If the scale requires you to install an app, ensure that app connectivity is seamless and that the app itself is compatible with your phone’s operating system.

Battery Life

Most smart scales are battery-powered. While some are rechargeable with their factory setup, others might require manual replacements.

Make sure to double-check how power works for your smart scale.

Smartphone Connectivity

Durability and Size

A scale will still require you to step on it–be it smart or your regular scale. With that in mind, you may want to make sure that your feet fit perfectly, leaving room for the screen for you to see the readings.

Additionally, you may want to also check on the material used for the scale if it is durable enough for you.

The glass might look fancy, but a tempered one will work better.

Target Areas

What specific areas in your body are you trying to get fit? Which ones are you aiming to tone down or up?

These basic questions are essential as the more focused your goal is, the easier it will be to look for the right model that can assess your specific areas.


Smart scales are more expensive than your regular weighing scale. However, they can be great investments.

Since they are investments, make sure that you get to choose a specific model that fits your budget while also giving you the necessary reports in your target areas to track your health record.

You don’t always have to go for the most expensive one. Sometimes, a cheaper version that has just enough features that you need to track will do the job.

But Weight, There’s More!


Because smart scales will be placed on the floor, it is best to check if they’ll work with the surface or floor area that you have at home or wherever you’ll be using them.

Some scales are difficult to work with when placed on carpeted flooring. Others might not have enough traction material underneath, so they’re a bit unsafe on slippery, tiled flooring.

But Weight, There’s More!

Since smart scales are not just convenient for tracking health records, they’re also very much one of the perfect gifts to give to friends and family who are now more conscious about a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re an athlete or you know one, receiving a smart scale greatly aids in the progress, the practice, and the perseverance required to keep with an active lifestyle.

The apps that usually go with your scale also make tracking more convenient for you.

Not only does it keep your records saved either on your device or in a cloud, but you can also easily review your journey through the palm of your hands.

If you’re smarter than your scale, then the last bit to remember is also to do a quick review of the apps that go with your scale.

See what fellow customers have to say about the features within the app as well. This way, you’re truly working smarter and not just working harder.




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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.