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How Do You Get The Weird Smell Out Of A Camper?

 It’s summer! Time to hit the road in the camper parked in your garage.

But the moment you open it, the camper smells like sewage, and a stinging moldy smell hits you and, of course, your travel plans! In your camper space, you would want to take in all the goodness of nature and the fresh smell you craved. But the weird smell might ruin the feel of, well, anything.

While the weird moldy and wet smell may be common in campers, it most certainly is not pleasant to travel with.

So, if you want your camper to smell as fresh as new, read on to find out this super easy hack for the years to come!

5 Ways To Get The Weird Smell Out Of A Camper

Get The Weird Smell Out Of A Camper

Checking out the cost for a new pop-up camper, you know you need to make an investment that lasts! Campers can last a long time if maintained properly. That includes keeping it free from mold, bacteria, and the smell that comes from it.

So, here are five ways to get rid of the stink and have your camper smelling as fresh as new:

Do A Thorough Cleanse

The first tip to get rid of the moldy smell is washing the insides of the RV along with the outsides. Any upholstery that can be taken off from the camper should be machine washed. The surfaces, including the flooring, the cabinets, and the roof, should be cleaned with antibacterial cleaners.

If your camper’s seat cushion bases were made from poor material, they have likely absorbed moisture and mildew. You can replace the seat bases if you want, but it is a hefty and time-consuming task. Another option is to keep removable pieces out in the sun since UV light kills harmful and smell-producing bacteria.

5 Ways To Get The Weird Smell Out Of A Camper

Use A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier keeps allergy triggers at bay. This includes pollen, dust mites, and mold. To get rid of the smell and also keep the space smelling fresh over time, a dehumidifier is a good investment.

Running it in the camper before you set off on your trip for a good 13-14 hours is a great way to absorb the moisture that might have led to the growth of mildew.

You can also keep it with you during the trip, so the camper smells fresh even if you don’t open the windows because of the bugs.


A time-consuming option but probably one without any investment is airing out the camper. This means opening up the windows and doors to ventilate them and get rid of the moldy smell because of keeping them locked for too long.

Even if you are not going on a trip, ventilating your camper every once in a while is a great way to keep the mold and mildew away, so when you are heading out, it doesn’t require much to get rid of the smell.

Smell Out Of A Camper

Check The Toilet

One of the most common reasons for a rotting egg-like smell in the camper is a worn-down toilet seal or moldy drain.

Replacing the RV toilet gasket sometimes resolves the issue. You can also try cleaning the toilet drains or dumping the gray tank to get rid of the smell.

If the issue remains, you might have no choice but to call a professional to help with fixing your toilet or identifying and fixing any damaged plumbing.

Check The Wires

At times an old battery or worn-out wires might cause a burning smell. This is a dangerous sign since the burning smell is an indication of an electric issue that may give way to short-circuits, causing a blackout or, in the worst-case, fires. It is best to check whether your camper batteries are working properly and not overcharging.

Getting the camper checked by an electrician is also probably a good precautionary measure before you use the camper after a long time, even if you are not smelling anything burning. 

When Should You Purchase A New Camper

When Should You Purchase A New Camper?

Whether or not you should replace your old camper with a new one depends on several factors.

If the repairs on your old RV are getting costly, you might as well invest in a new one. At times poor plumbing and low-quality material can cause the camper to stink, making it impossible to get rid of the smell with the common hacks.

If the camper requires fixing the plumbing, replacing the electric wires, and also has mildew growing in the seating, it is probably best that you invest the amount in a new hack like air drying would not work, and the fumes from mildew and mold are also harmful to human health.

However, if you want to fix it under a budget, going DIY to fix the camper is the best option.

We hope you found these hacks helpful for getting rid of the smells from your camper. If not, changing the seating, plumbing, and battery might help.




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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.