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French Toast Rollups Super Easy Recipe!

Super simple and perfectly delicious! These French toast rollups are a great breakfast or dessert option! They are made with cinnamon bread, cream cheese, and fruit and will have everyone asking for seconds!

Easy French Toast Rollups with Brie and Fruit

French toast is one of my favorite breakfast dishes! It is sweet and simple and can be made in so many different ways. 

You can make a French toast casserole, traditional French toast, or even stuffed French toast. Today we are going to talk about French Toast rollups! 

I made these for a Christmas party at work recently and they were a big hit! These can be breakfast, brunch, or even dessert! So if you are looking for a fun dish to try at home that is a true crowd-pleaser, these French toast rollups are perfect for you.

French Toast Rollups with Cream Cheese and Fruit

All of the ingredients for French Toast rollups with brie and fruit

If you are ready to recreate this recipe, then head to your grocery store or open up your Instacart app and make sure you pick up these simple ingredients. 

  • Bread – I like the Cinnamon Bread
  • Cream Cheese (you can also use Brie)
  • Fruit Jam or Pie Filling
  • Eggs
  • Half & Half
  • Butter
  • Cinnamon

You also will need a rolling pin, knife, pan, and cutting board. Once you have these, you have everything you need to go ahead and make this dish!

How to Make Stuffed French Toast Rollups at Home

French toast batter for rollups with cream cheese and fruit

Stuffed French Toast Rolls are the easiest and most satisfying breakfast you will make for your family. 

Start with your bread. You will want to remove the crust and then use a rolling pin to roll out your bread to a nice thin slice. 

roll bread thin to make french toast rolls

Let your flattened bread sit to the side while you make the batter. For your batter, you will combine the half & half, eggs, and cinnamon in a medium to a large bowl.

For one loaf of bread, I used 1 cup of half & half, 2 eggs, and just a sprinkling of cinnamon. 

Beat well until it is all combined and set aside while you stuff your bread to fry up. 

How to make French Toast stuffed rolls


While your pan is heating up, spread a thin layer of cream cheese onto your bread. Then spread a thin layer of your fruit spread onto the bread.  For your fruit, you can use whatever you want. I personally used a pie filling, but jam or jelly would work just as well. This part is totally based on what you personally like! 

Now you want to roll your bread. This part is messy and honestly, your rolls probably won’t look too pretty, mine didn’t. I don’t cook for pretty though, I cook for taste and I promise you, even the rolls that separate and fall apart will taste just as delicious. 

Dunk your rollups into the batter and coat them really well. Then drop them into your hot pan with melted butter. 

Cook for about 5 minutes while rotating the rollup to make sure it is cooked on all sides. 

cooking your stuffed french toast rollups

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Stuffed French Toast Rollups

Stuffed French Toast Rollups with cream cheese and fruit.

Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Keyword french toast cups
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Servings 6 people


  • 1 cup Half & Half
  • 2 Eggs
  • Cinnamon to taste
  • 1 loaf Bread
  • Cream Cheese
  • Pie Filling, Jam, or Jelly
  • Butter


  1. Make your batter with the cinnamon, eggs, and half & half.

  2. Cut the crust off of your pieces of bread and use a rolling pin to flatten your bread.

  3. Melt your butter while heating up your pan.

  4. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese and fruit filling onto your bread.

  5. Roll your bread up and dunk it into the batter.

  6. Cook about 5-10 minutes until fully cooked on all sides.

  7. Enjoy!

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