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4 Ways To Gain Control Over Your Finances

When it comes to our finances, it can be challenging to be on top of it all. Often we lose track of just exactly how much money we are spending, and unexpected bills crop up from time to time. It is essential to know where your money is going, but this can be not easy to do when you are busy trying to care for your family and work. So, how can you gain control over your finances?

3 Smarter Ways To Save Your Money

Pay off any loans you may have 

Many of us will have taken out a loan in the past, whether that be a student loan or a personal loans. Rather than have the debt from these loans hanging around our necks, you should try to pay them off, even if it is only little by little. If you have any extra income at the end of the month, you should pay off your debts.

You could do this by paying off a small amount each month or saving all of your money up and paying off a significant portion in one go. When you manage to pay off your debts, you will find that you are relieved knowing that you do not need to worry about them anymore and that you will have more money left over to do fun things such as family holidays!

Save for a rainy day

Often, unexpected and large bills come at the worst possible time for many of us. This can be when we have weeks to go until pay-day, or just when we have lots of other expenditures going on at the same time. Therefore, it is always good to have some money saved away that you can use in situations like this.

After being paid for the month, look at what amount of money you can really take out of your wages and save for the month. After a few months, you will notice that you have a decent amount of money saved up, and this can be used for those rainy days where your car breaks down, or your child needs a new pair of shoes

Do not make unnecessary purchases

This does not mean never treating yourself to something nice. Rather, it just means that you need to make sure that you are not constantly buying items that you do not need. For example, you do not need to buy a Starbucks coffee every day on the way to work. This will quickly add up to quite a lot of money. Instead, you could bring a coffee from home or make one when you get into the office. By avoiding these unnecessary purchases, you will suddenly have a lot more excess money that you can save up or use to buy something useful. 

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Make things last

Often, we tend just to throw items away when we are bored of them or when they begin to show signs of wear and tear. Instead, you should try and make them last not to need to buy a new one. For example, if you notice that one of your old jumpers is beginning to fall apart, you could take the wool from it and turn it into something new such as a pair of fluffy socks or a tea towel. This way the item has been salvaged in some form, and you have done your bit for the environment. 


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