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Time To Upgrade Your Living Space

Living room design is a very central part of any home design.

Here we have gathered for you information that is important to learn before you start designing a living room: how to choose sofas for the living room, which curtains are suitable for the living room, where to place lighting for the living room, and also – tips for designing a small living room.

Proportions in living room design

Even if you have decided to choose sofas for the living room alone, it is important to take exact dimensions of the living room . A practical tip that you can apply is to take a page with squares and draw your own living room, according to a certain scale (for example: all three squares are equal to a meter).

Next, place the living room arrangement on the page – where the TV, library or sideboard in the living room are. The arrangement of the living room arrangement actually dictates the seating arrangement in the living room, and allows you to ideally choose sofas for the living room that will not block the aisles.

Depending on the drawing you can adjust the exact position of the sofas. You can even cut out sofas from paper and try to dress them on the painting to see if you like them first.

Powerpoint design

Another point that is important to pay attention to is the proper design of the power points in the living room so that they are positioned correctly in relation to their needs in the living room.

For example: the power point of the TV is placed in front of the position we designate for the sofa. If you go through all the sockets consumed in the living room in this way, you will avoid the need to use unnecessary splitters and wires after the design.

Living room needs

Perhaps first of all, it is important to check what your living room design needs are. Defining the needs can clarify for you, among other things, how to choose the sofas for the living room.

If you are people who like to entertain, or if the seating in the living room is intended for a large number of people – choose sofas that are large enough and with upholstery that will last even in prolonged sitting.

If you have a TV in the living room – apart from large enough sofas, you will need to check that the sofas are indeed suitable for their location in front of the TV, and that you will be comfortable curling up in them.

Get some good curtains or some blinds. This will transform the lighting in the space. Look at wood curtain rod sets to add extra charm. 

Another very important point – make sure at least part of the living room is facing the door so you can see who is entering the living room. It is not pleasant to enter the living room where those sitting in it have their backs turned to all doors. When you place the living room towards the entrance, you create a more pleasant social space. It’s time to upgrade! 


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