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Keeping Your Home Safe This Winter

It is very important for us to do everything we can to keep the home safe during winter. Winter is a more unpredictable time of year and when balancing the harsh weather conditions along with the cover of darkness. There are a lot of things that can pose a risk to your family and cause problems. 

Today we are going to talk about some ways you can cheaply secure your home and keep it safe to ensure you don’t fall foul of anything bad this winter. 

Secure the doors 

Our home is the most important asset we own. It is crucial that the external doors are secure enough to stop the wind and rain coming in as well as robbers from taking their chances.

Be sure to secure your doors well this winter with extra locks, or even buy some cheap external doors and fit them to ensure your house is sealed. If your doors are already well-sealed – consider changing your locks for an extra layer of security

Fix any cracks 

If you have small cracks in your walls or ceilings, now is the time to fix them before they become a bigger issue for you and your family. A small crack is usually not a problem, but once it starts to get larger, it can compromise the structural integrity of your house and this poses a risk to your family.

Be sure to take time this weekend to go around the house with a credit card and some polyfill and fix these cracks easily. 

This also is vital for the exterior. If you did not realize it, you may have a roof that is leaking and it may not become apparent to you until the damage has been done, which is why it is vital that you consider looking at a professional service if you notice anything untoward.

Are there cracks in the outside walls, does the roofing look dirty or is it falling apart? Are there any cracks on the roofing tiles? Be sure that you do not climb up to look, but try to inspect from the safety of your garden. If there is something that doesn’t seem right, then it may be time to call in the professionals.

This way, you can have a proper inspection and then if there are any issues, you can be sure that they will be fixed safely and in a timely manner. For this, you may want to consider a professional roofing team. We all know that poor weather can really attack roofing and make damages very quickly.

Perhaps you need to look at hail and storm damage repair– be sure that you don’t let the weather destroy any more of the roof before it is too late. Look at fixing anything else up around the exterior also, such as any cracks in the front doors or windows. Fill them up as you will find that overwinter they will let rain in and probably even the cold winds too.

You do not want to end up spending more on your energy bills because of these small discrepancies at home. Inspect everything thoroughly including your garage if you have one. If anything is damaged near the doors, it could act as a problem for security. 

Get rid of mold

Mold is not only an inconvenience to everyone living in your house, but it is also a health risk to everyone under your roof. When it comes to mold – these small black spores are attracted to wet and cold and will multiply quicker than you can imagine.

These spores can irritate the lungs and for those in your family who have asthma. Get rid of mold by bleaching your seals and be sure to keep the windows and doors dry every day. 

Organize cables 

It is so important as a family that you make your home as safe as it can be. Do you want a visitor to come to your home and fall over a tangle of cables and then contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to get compensation? We didn’t think so.

Take the time this weekend to organize cables in your home and hide them if possible to avoid anyone injuring themselves. 

Fix warped flooring 

It is very important for you to fix warped floor tiles or laminate flooring to avoid anyone in your household falling and hurting themselves in a serious manner. Over time your house moves and changes. Moisture combined with other factors can cause a once flat surface to warp and stick up.

Be sure to fix these problems this winter and keep everyone in your house safe

We hope you take these simple tips on board to keep your loved ones safe and happy this winter. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.