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Decorating Dramas: How to Make a Stairway Look Stylish

Some areas of your home may get far more attention than others. Bedrooms, living spaces, and even kitchen and dining areas may be frequently used and viewed, so give a lot of thought when decorating. However, that doesn’t mean that other sections should be neglected. Considering some of the areas you may pass frequently during your waking hours could make your home that much nicer. Your stairway in particular may benefit from some of this additional treatment. So if you want to make your stairway look stylish, follow these simple tips and it will look fabulous in no time.

How to Make a Stairway Look Stylish

How to Make a Stairway Look Stylish

Showcase your pictures

Photos don’t just belong in actual rooms. They can also be used to spruce up hallways and stairways. Rather than opting for traditional, and somewhat boring, frames, you may instead want to use canvases within this space. You might want to consider the use of hexagon photo tiles to create a collage working up your stairs. This could even show a timeline of family events, such as dating your partner, marriage, and then your children’s and pets’ lives. Canvas can be an inexpensive way of having numerous pictures for your home, and you could then even add to them as even more time goes by.

Add more life

Not all plants require excessive amounts of sun to flourish. When you want to decorate your stairway, you might want to consider finding those that can do well in darker living conditions, and make your hallways their home. This may help to make this space a bit less drab and dingy, and, depending on the type of plant you choose, even help to make the air smell fresher. It can be important that you still remember to water them even if they aren’t in an area where you spend copious amounts of time. Keeping them out of reach of pets and children could also be especially important.

Stairway Look Stylish

Emphasize light

Some homes may have stairways that don’t have windows. While this may mean one less window to clean, it can make your stairway look dark, even when you have the lights on. To overcome this issue, you may want to give the light more surfaces to reflect off of. Not only can the placement of mirrors help to brighten up a small or enclosed space, but it may also make it appear bigger overall. You may want to think about where you hang the mirrors. It may seem nice to have them above the stairs, so you can see yourself as you walk down, but you may want to consider how practical and safe it may be to hang, remove, and even clean them. It can also be beneficial to hang them high enough so that they can’t be touched or knocked by your children, and don’t pose a hazard.

A stairway doesn’t need to look dull, even if it is only used to traverse between the different levels of your home. By putting some thought into its décor, you may be able to make your house feel that much more stylish and put together. 

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