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Fun Activities For Parents and Their Toddler Daughter

Toddlers have such a wild imagination that it can be rather easy to find something fun to do with them. You can use a couple of bed sheets and spend the day playing ghosts, or just give them a bat and ball for hours of outdoor play. 

However, if you need something new, something so your daughter can use her mind or hands, or test out the first walking shoes for baby girl, here are the best activities you can do with your toddler.  

Fun Things to do with Your Toddler Daughter

Fun Things to do with Your Toddler Daughter

Build Something 

There are a ton of things that you can build with your toddler that don’t require any power tools, nails, or sharp objects. You can go the classic route of heading outside and making a fort or do something a bit more intricate, like making a house out of popsicle sticks and glue. 

While your child might not be able to do everything, giving them a chance to join in and help will not only put a smile on their face but also provide them with a spark of creativity. 


Painting has always been something that only requires a bit of time, effort, and imagination. It is also a very cheap activity as your child will be more than happy to take a few colors and create something on a huge piece of paper. 

You can also take them outside and find some leaves or flowers that they can dip in the paint and make stencils. 

Fun Activities For Parents and Their Toddler Daughter

Explore Outside 

While you may have a garden, there’s a chance your child hasn’t seen everything it has to offer. You can take them on a mini adventure, either exploring the garden or a nearby park or forest. 

You can pack a few snacks and maybe a notebook, letting them draw or write down what they see and find; you can then end the day off with a nice picnic if you want. 

Bird Watching 

While bird watching doesn’t sound exciting, your child will enjoy the search. You can both sneakily creep up to a hidden spot and try to get as close as you can without scaring the birds. It is a simple activity but could be the start of a hobby for them. It also helps them develop respect for animals, as they have to be quiet and calm and not scare the birds. 

Explore Outside 

Learn to Cook

Everyone, woman or man, adult or child, should know how to cook a few basic meals. Once again, you will have to lead the activity, but learning to cook some eggs or make your child’s favorite meal together is a great bonding and skill-building experience. 


Redecorating doesn’t always have to involve getting new furniture or wallpaper; it could be as simple as moving some existing furniture around or adding a few additions to the room. You and your child can redecorate her room, allowing her to have her bed or play area somewhere new. 

This can also be a great way for them to learn how to communicate with others and express their likes and dislikes.  

Start a Diary

A diary is another thing that everyone should have. It allows you to put your thoughts and feelings in front of you, which in turn helps you process and understand them better. Even if your child isn’t great at writing yet, starting them early is very useful. To begin, have a diary notebook, high-quality custom pens, and pastel liners, or use any similar products you already have around the house to make the diary look nice. 

Learn to Cook

Science Experiments

Much like crafting and building projects, there are hundreds of simple and safe science experiments you can do at home. Many don’t require anything more than what you can find in the house. 

There are also tons of child-friendly science kits you can online, which include everything from making a volcano to building an air-powered car or airplane. 

Learn an Instrument

Learning an instrument can be tricky, but almost all of them have many songs and tunes that can be learned in a few afternoons. The classic kid instrument is the recorder, and it is popular for a few simple reasons. 

You don’t need a lot of coordination to learn the introductory notes and tunes, it is a simple instrument to understand, and it also provides a foundation to learn and understand the musical composition. 

Obstacle Course

Once again, using stuff you can find around the house, you can build an indoor or outdoor obstacle course. Not only is this a fun way for your child to get a little bit of exercise and burn off energy, but it is also something she can do with her siblings or friends. 

You can time the runs to see how quick she is or see who finished the fastest, and then you can have small homemade trophies or prizes to hand out.

mom and toddler daughter

Create a Sensory Wall

A sensory wall has been shown to improve coordination and your child’s awareness of what is around them. They can be simple or complex, but most include certain features such as something to touch, something to turn or move, etc. 

You can also make your own features, such as a rain stick or stress ball. These objects let your child feel and experience new sensations and have a fun time doing it. 

We hope you enjoyed all of these ideas for fun things to do with your toddler daughter! Now, go out and have an adventure!


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