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Adventures in Potty Training: Tips for Potty Training Boys

Adventures in Potty Training: Tips for Potty Training Boys

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Potty training my daughter was a breeze. My son, not so much! Potty training a boy has been a struggle, to say the least. We are getting there… Slowly but surely… And while it may not be the easiest process, we have found a few things that have made it a bit easier.

Tips for Potty Training Boys

There is something special about little boys. My son has quite an outgoing personality. He loves to snuggle and is just the sweetest darling boy. This sweet darling boy turned into quite the stubborn little terror when it came to potty training though. At 3 years old, he was not potty trained and I started to think he would be in pull-ups well into college with the way he was acting.

He would hide under tables, behind curtains, really anywhere he could and poop in his pull-up instead of simply using the potty! I thought I must be doing something wrong! Everyone else’s toddler is taking to potty training SO easy… Yea, I went there, I thought that I was doing something wrong but didn’t know what!

My daughter was so easy to potty train, but this boy just was NOT getting it. After weeks of wanting to pull my hair out, do you know what I learned? My child was FINE. He was still going to potty train,. There was no way he would be in diapers through college, and I am still a good mom.

After what felt like forever, my son finally mastered potty training on his own schedule. He now is fully out of diapers ( except for bedtime) and while it was a struggle at times, it all worked out in the end when I finally decided to just relax and let things happen as they happened.

tips for potty training toddler boys

All Kids Will Potty Train on Their Own Schedule

My biggest piece of advice for anyone in the throes of potty training is to just relax. Take a step back and remember that your kid is smart, but they are also young. They are learning, and all kids learn at their own pace.

Try not to get discouraged or upset. The potty training process can be so stressful, but I promise your kid will eventually master it! Sometimes kids just need a little extra time, and that is perfectly okay!

Tips To Encourage Using the Potty

While kids will learn to use the potty on their own schedule, it doesn’t hurt to gently help them along and offer some positive encouragement. Notice I said positive encouragement. I would never recommend negative reinforcement when it comes to potty training. You should never punish a child for an accident or not understanding. This will do nothing to help and may actually make them less likely to even want to use the potty.

Some people may disagree with me, but I always offered a potty treat when my son would successfully use, or at least try to use, the potty. We would make a big deal out of celebrating his accomplishment and give him a few M&Ms to reward him. This would make him so happy! He would feel accomplished, rewarded, and want to make sure he did the same thing again the next time.

What You Need for Potty Training Boys

Some people will tell you that you need to buy all of the things in order to help you properly potty train a boy. I find this to be incorrect. I did purchase a few things that made potty training easier though, but nothing was too expensive and really, none of them are absolute necessities either. All you truly need to potty train successfully is a bathroom and patience, but there are some things that may make your life a little easier!

Potty Training Watch

I picked my son us a potty watch and it was really wonderful. I set it to go off every hour to help remind him to go use the bathroom. Not only did it help him, but it helped remind me as well. If I got busy working, I would still hear his watch and remember to remind him to use the bathroom.

I picked up a really nice one for rather inexpensive off of Amazon. Nothing super fancy, but it got the job done, was easy to program, and my son loved it.

Get a Potty Seat

There are so many different potty seats out there, but which one is the best? Honestly, it is mainly personal preference. I have heard some people say that when potty training boys you should get a little “at home toddler urinal“, but to me, that is just a little over the top.

I went about potty training my boy by having him sit down instead of standing up. It was just easier, and less messy that way! I tried out a few different potty seats, but my absolute favorite was the one that has a step on it. This makes it SO easy for my son to get onto the potty all by himself.

Honestly, that’s all you really need! I  do tend to buy the flushable wet wipes to make my life easier, but I am pretty simple when it comes to potty training.

After a few months, my son has finally caught on and we are officially done “training” except for his bedtime diaper.

So if you are frustrated with potty training, just take a step back and know that your little one will get it eventually. You don’t need a ton of expensive potty training products, and you are a great mother!

Adventures in Potty Training: Tips for Potty Training Boys

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Ronald J. Robinson

Saturday 31st of October 2020

Hello JESSI , It's awesome article for kids. Thanks for your good job.

Sonia Seivwright

Thursday 23rd of April 2020

Thanks for this. I was wondering what it was like to potty train a boy.

angela k church

Sunday 12th of April 2020

I have raised and help raise many boys I think myself they are a bit harder than girls. I however did have one child that primarily simply decided he was done and wanted to go to the bathroom and potty trained himself


Wednesday 25th of March 2020

I've potty trained 2 boys. I'm glad that my next one is a girl.

Pearl | ownthepool

Wednesday 25th of March 2020

Potty training is no joke! Both of my boys did fairly well with it, but they didn't potty train until they were ready. I really think that is the biggest secret to success.

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