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What Made Tom And Jerry Such A Classic?

It is no secret that Tom and Jerry has become one of the most popular TV shows of all time, all around the world. For years and years and years now people have enjoyed laughing at Tom’s relentless chase of Jerry, which never seems to end in much success for the cat. 

One of the reasons the cartoon show has been popular for an eternity and has seen so much success is that it appeals to all ages; from small children to teenagers to even adults. It is a program that literally everybody can enjoy, and this is something extremely rare to be able to achieve. After all, we all have different and varied tastes and we all tend to outgrow certain programs at particular ages. 

Nevertheless, Tom and Jerry has achieved something which has outstood all of this. 

It is certainly a great thing when a program is something which can be enjoyed by the entire family, and thus provides the perfect opportunity for everybody to spend some quality time together (and actually enjoy it). But how has Tom and Jerry managed to achieve this element whereby nobody is immune to the attraction of the show?


One of the main factors in this is that it is a cartoon that is mainly visual. In fact, only a very small percentage, certainly nothing greater than 5%, is oral. This means that we can all come to our own interpretations and conclusions regarding what Tom and of course Jerry, as well as the other characters, are thinking.

This means that the show provides the opportunity for our imaginations to run wild and therefore depending on who we are and how old we are we can seek enjoyment from it in our own unique ways. It also means that those that are hard of hearing can watch as well. Hearing tests for children are important, and if your child is struggling with hearing difficulty, a show like this will ensure they do not feel left out.


It is of course very rare when a program can appeal to an adult but can also attract and be understood by very small children. This again leads to the fact that it is mainly visual. However, the concept of the show is something which is very easy to understand in its basics; a cat chasing a mouse.

Nevertheless, this would be boring for an adult if that is all it had to it. But as you become older you begin to acknowledge the hidden meanings and messages, such as; intelligence can prevail overpower.


Furthermore, the cartoon show is funny, and people never tire from comedy. After all, everybody likes to laugh and you are ensured a lot of laughs by watching Tom and Jerry. The violence of the show is dealt with in a very funny way. Thus there is very little room for it to be interpreted in a true violent manner.

This is very rare when you consider the TV programs and video games which are popular today. There is no evil or sadistic hidden message in this cartoon, it is pure comedic value. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.