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5 Benefits of Using a Digital Asset Management Tool

After you find out what a digital asset management tool does, it’s only natural to wonder about all the ways it can benefit your business. If you’ve been on the fence about investing in asset management solutions, then this blog could help you make up your mind. Here are five ways that you could benefit from having a digital asset management tool:

5 Benefits of Using a Digital Asset Management Tool

Increased security

In this age of cyberattacks, it’s incredibly important for businesses to protect their digital assets in every way they can. The right DAM tool will be equipped with state-of-the-art security enhancements and encryption, meaning it will be very difficult for anyone other than yourself to access your sensitive data. However, you will have to make sure you’re using a strong password that you keep private to prevent breaches.

Automatic backups

There’s nothing worse than deleting a file by accident and realizing you don’t have another copy. Luckily, most DAM software automatically backs up all your files and keeps them hanging around for a while even after they’re deleted. What’s more, the backups you have won’t just be of a single version of your file. Rather, you’ll have access to a file’s entire history, making it easy to revert back to a particular point in time if something has gone wrong in your editing process.

Rich metadata

A DAM solution doesn’t just help you to store and organize your files more effectively, it will make it much easier to access information about them as well. You’ll be able to quickly access copyright details as well as information about a file’s origin and any technical specifications you might need to know. You’ll be able to change metadata if needed, for example, if the copyright on one of your photos needs to be amended, you can manually amend the field to avoid future confusion.

Digital Asset Management ToolConsistency

If you’re storing visuals and marketing materials for your brand in your DAM tool, it will be easier to maintain an up-to-date, consistent business image. You’ll be able to easily organize new brand materials together, grouping them separately from any old logos or fonts that are no longer consistent with your image. You will be able to view all your assets collectively, allowing you to quickly identify if there’s any part of your online presence that isn’t consistent.

Detailed search

Digital asset management solutions are designed to make organization a breeze. They allow you to use tags and keywords to group and find specific files while also providing you with a detailed search function. You can look for assets using a wide range of properties, from the date they were created to the type of file they are. Create categories and subcategories that work for your needs and use the filter function to your heart’s content.

Digital asset management tools can make running a business much smoother and less stressful. Every operation will benefit in a slightly different way, but these five benefits could be enough to make it worth trialing a new solution today.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.