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How to Resolve Conflict with Difficult People

Everybody has to deal with difficult people. A difficult person is a person who finds it hard to get along with people and may lack emotional empathy. These people usually believe that they are better than those around them. 

If you have to deal with someone like this whether on the job or in your family, you need to develop strategies to reduce conflict. 

Here’s a look at some tips to help you get resolve conflict with difficult people.

How to Resolve Conflict with Difficult People

Resolve Conflict with Difficult People

Listening Before Reacting

One of the things you need to do is to listen carefully before you react when dealing with a difficult person. If possible try to say as little as possible and let them vent. 

The venting may be just what they need to discuss their feelings. Often difficult people thrive off your reaction. Controlling your emotions, listening, and answering with as few words as possible can diffuse the situation.

Get Another Perspective

When you’re dealing with a difficult person, as mentioned before your emotions, can get the better of you. One way you can help to diffuse the situation is by discussing the matter with someone you trust. 

They will be able to give you some perspective from a neutral point of view. They may even get you to think of a solution to the problem or they may offer one that you find workable.

Try to Be Respectful

When you’re dealing with a difficult person it can be hard to remain respectful. This is because they usually tug at your deepest emotions and even your insecurities. 

The best thing you can do is to try not to take this personally. When someone is difficult they usually handle things with everyone in the same manner. 

This is not unique to you and you are not the first or the last. Even though they may be disrespectful, try not to follow their lead. It is going to be virtually impossible for you to win an argument with them if you go that route. 

Difficult people are used to being disrespectful and the chances of you outdoing them in that department is rare. Remain respectful at all times.

Resolve Conflict with Difficult People

Learn Conflict Resolution

If you have to deal with a difficult person consistently then you probably need to invest in some training on how to deal with conflict. 

Learning how to strategically handle whatever conflict comes your way can help to reduce your stress. It will also diffuse any situation you may find yourself in. 

There are courses that you can take to help you resolve conflict. For example, the TKI test will help you to identify which style of conflict resolution you use and help you to change your content management style or improve it.

Let There Be Peace

When you are dealing with someone difficult, having a strategy for resolving conflict is essential, if you want peace. This is because things can escalate very quickly when you are dealing with this type of person.

Take the time to listen, ask for help, be the first to wave the white flag of peace, and also learn how to resolve conflicts from experts. If you put all these strategies in place you will have a better chance of successfully resolving conflict with people who are considered difficult.



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