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Experts’ Tips: How To Make Floors Play-Safe

There are several ideas to make your floors play-safe. You need to plan where and what is the use of the floor. Is it for commercial spaces? Are you going to resurface a flooring area for an office setting? Is it for high-traffic places such as malls and marketplaces?

How To Make Floors Play-Safe

How To Make Floors Play-Safe

Today’s discussion would give the spotlight to making play-safe concrete floors. Why is it essential to create play-safe floors? Read the following considerations before we move further to today’s discussion.

  • Children are potential at risk  due to their activities
  • Play-safe floors need to reduce slip resistance from running children
  • Children move anywhere and would be less careful when playing indoors
  • Children are more delicate and have poor balance making them tri or fall even with  minimal triggers

Ways to make child-friendly floors: Five experts’ recommended ideas

Ways to make child-friendly floors Five experts' recommended ideas

Now that you know how risky children can be around flooring spaces, here are ways to make them safe during play time.

Minimize slippery surface

Whatever flooring material you got, the number one consideration is minimizing slip accidents on your floors. Experts from concrete flooring companies highly recommend increasing the density and traction of the concrete floor.

Concrete floors are less slippery on their one. However, adding a concrete sealer on the surface will provide you with the best solution to make them child-friendly.

If you are handling a commercial space and providing a public playroom, mixing slipperiness would be best by using various types of floor coatings.

Floro coatings may go from a hig0tech epoxy to placing rubber mats on the floors. Get to know each of these types of floor coating as you read further.

Laminate floors

A common method to make the floors safe for children is the laminate floor coverings. You probably have concrete or tiles indoors, and instead of resurfacing them or installing their type of flooring system over them, why not just use a laminate covering.

This is best used inside residential spaces.

You would not want to spend too much on expensive floor systems. Instead, you would choose easy-to-access materials. Laminate floors come in a convenient sheet for you to use, and you can easily roll it up over the surface. It is also easy to transport since the material comes in light packaging. Or have it delivered to your homes.

Another awesome benefit of laminate is that it is smooth and even makes it comfy for one’s bare feet. It also helps control the heat or coolness of the surface depending on the weather.

This is why most child care rooms would have laminate on the floor. You can safely let a toddler crawl on the surface or lie your baby down when it’s time for a diaper change.

Laminate floors

Zero bacteria floors

Another idea is to make your floors child-safe and make them bacteria-free. You can add this feature to the laminate coverings. Laminate also has a dense layer that seals any slab underneath and prevents bacteria from going over and spreading on the surface.

Other floor coatings that give this function is the epoxy floor coatings. Epoxy is the number one choice for sanitary spaces like hospitals and school gyms, and this helps maintain a low dirt floor.

Epoxy seals the surface, making no gaps or small holes disappear. In that way, microorganisms that bring health risks will not have a potential breeding ground on the floor’s surfaces.

Rugged” Floors

Do not get confused with the play of words n this item. The term rugs are what you need to pay attention to. Floro rugs and carpets may be too conventional, and you may also worry about their outdated look. However, the nice thing about rugs is that ey are simple to use. You can wash them after use, dry and use them again. They are super sustainable.

But the most important thing about using rugs is that they provide extra comfort on the flooring surface. Cushioning is both important to chill and elderly safe floors.

In cases where sleeping is unavoidable, carpets floor helps reduce the impact of the fall. Extra cushioning helps reduce the risk of pain and getting someone hurt in a fall.

Placing carpets and rugs also gives a temporary fix in case of concrete cracks. Cracks and holes in the surfaces are common potential causes of tripping. Since children with small feet can easily get caught in the tiny gaps on the floor, better cover those faults with rugs while waiting for the concrete crack repair contractors to come to your floors’ aid.

Zero bacteria floors

Eco-friendly flooring materials

Last on this list is eco-friendly materials. Interior design professionals and construction experts recommend using low-volatile components floor coatings in place of paints.

Epoxy would still be the one who provides this feature.

Aside from the epoxy, you can also use natural floor colorings such as dyes or staining-colored concrete. The stained concrete would not use harmful and strong-smelling chemicals like those found in acrylic and latex paints.


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