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Helping Yourself When You Feel Helpless

As a parent, it can feel like you’ve got to be the help for everyone else. When you look back to the start of your child’s life and remember that sense of responsibility, it can be a blessing and a burden.

After all, when you are trying to help everyone else, you may feel that you are incapable of asking for help yourself. But in life, there are times when we feel we need help but it’s so hard to ask for it. Whether you feel depressed or you are struggling to make sense of it all, what does it take to ask for help when you feel helpless?

Helping Yourself When You Feel Helpless

Reach Out Where You Feel Comfortable

There are so many circumstances in life where we ask for help, but we have to go beyond our comfort zone. When it comes to professional legal issues, these could be the most intimidating places of all to ask for help.

And whether we need to find a lawyer that provides us with legal help or we are looking for professional help like a counselor, we’ve got to feel comfortable when we are asking for help. In a legal sense, it’s hard to find injury lawyers who care about their clients because we can feel intimidated by the entire process.

But this is why it’s so important to feel comfortable. You might not feel comfortable reaching out to family or friends but would rather fare better talking to someone who is less familiar with you. There is no right or wrong, just as long as you are able to ask for help. Taking this step is the most important bit.

Learn How to Say You’re Not Okay

We all feel that if we say that we’re not doing so well, it can be us admitting that we are weak. But you are doing yourself a massive favor saying this. However, you need to learn how to practice it. Saying something simply out loud is a confirmation for many people.

Even if you are ready to admit to others that you need help, even though you know you are not okay, practicing this goes a long way to reverse some of the sensations of isolation. By saying it out loud you might not realize you are as burdened as you think.

Asking for help is about taking the steps necessary, but sometimes we just need to sound it out loud. Even if you are not ready to tell someone, you can still practice.

Organizing Your Thoughts

The big problem we all have when we are struggling with something is that we end up being stuck in our own heads. Asking for help may not be something you are ready to do just yet but what you can do in the meantime, as well as learn how to verbalize it, is to organize your thoughts.

This is where something like a brain dump is fantastic. It can provide a lot of clarity in a muddled life. You may feel like there is no opportunity for downtime in your life or you may feel that there are so many pressures getting at you, but what you could do, without having to overtly rely on people, is to start organizing your own thoughts.

We will have those moments of mini insanity. And if we get stuck with our own thoughts in our own heads without externalizing it, we can stew over these issues. The best thing you can do is to get them out.

This is why doing a brain dump is so important. Getting into the habit of doing this daily can give you some clarity to progress. You may notice the thoughts you have, but it’s important to remember that everyone has those scary thoughts from time to time.

If you feel helpless or you don’t want to ask for help, the biggest obstacle is yourself. When you begin to organize your life and realize that help comes in many different shapes and forms, it can provide clarity in many areas of your life.

But the biggest lesson we all have to learn is that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Help is always around the corner, but we have to be ready to admit that we want some help. In our daily lives, we can feel proud that we didn’t ask for help.

But we have to remember that if we are doing this to the detriment of our mindset, this is where we can slowly begin to erode our sense of self. Asking for help is not a bad thing.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.