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Parent’s Guide to Supporting Your College Student

Attending college is a very special time for students. It can also be challenging for them if they live away from home for the first time. As a parent, you play a significant role in supporting and encouraging your child. Without being overprotective, you can maintain regular communication, offer emotional support, help them set goals and much more.

college parent guide

Encourage a balanced lifestyle

College life comes with certain pressures and can be stressful. Trying to keep up with academic responsibilities and still have time for extramural activities and socializing can be difficult. Your support starts before students leave for college. Do what you can to prepare them ahead of time for what’s to come. This includes encouraging them to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. Stress the importance of nutrition, enough sleep, and exercise. They can easily become overwhelmed and lose sight of the importance of this in their first year. Don’t nag them but find subtle ways to encourage and remind them.

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Keep communication regular

A far and away parents guide will emphasize keeping regular communication with students. This doesn’t mean phoning too often or talking for too long. Short but regular WhatsApp calls help to keep the communication channels open with students. This has the following benefits:

  • They are more likely to share their feelings and how they are doing.
  • You sustain trust in your relationship.
  • You can voice encouragement when they’re feeling down.
  • You boost their self-esteem and make them feel more confident.
  • You are likely to have fewer conflicts and misunderstandings.

A college student may tell you that he or she is finding it impossible to study due to all the noise in the dorms. For noisy parents, guides may suggest studying in a library rather than in the dorms.

Teach them to set goals

If students want to grow personally and succeed academically, they need to set goals. This involves thinking about their objectives, including their future career aspirations and personal growth. You can help them to create a realistic plan they can follow. This could give them the motivation and focus they need to stay on track.


Promote their independence

While your support is important, you also need to encourage your child to be independent. This will involve allowing them to make their own decisions and learn from their mistakes. For example, when they apply college search you must allow them to have input in which college to choose.

You can teach them how to budget and the importance of saving but you need to allow them to put this into practice without interference. You can give them some valuable tips when it comes to managing their finances. When it comes to friends from college, parents’ guide will suggest not loaning money as getting it back will be difficult.

Encourage them to use available resources

Colleges usually have many resources to help students in all areas of their lives. This may be in the form of academic help, career advice, or counseling services. Students can also access online help for writing assignments. The GPT essay helper can suggest a topic for an essay, assist with homework, and generate an essay in no time.

Celebrate their achievements

Your recognition of any achievement can go a long way to boosting self-esteem and motivation. It doesn’t have to be a major achievement or academic in nature. It could even be achieving a personal milestone, like becoming the leader of a club on campus. This prevents you from being too pushy when it comes to achieving academically and emphasizes that you want them to live happy, balanced lives.

College Parent Guide: Support Your Student’s Success

As a parent, your encouragement and support of your child during the college years can be invaluable. By keeping communication honest and open, offering support, and providing a listening ear, you can help them to thrive through all the ups and downs of college life.

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