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Are Delta-8 Gummies The Same As Delta-8 Vapes?

Delta-8 gummies and vapes are two commonly used D8 products. This is because they are both very effective ways to consume Delta-8 THC, yet each has its own benefits where one will be preferable to the other.

Let’s take a look at how these two products differ and then decide whether you should buy gummies or vapes for your next purchase of this cannabis extract.

Buying Gummies vs Vapes For Your Delta-8 Experience

Delta-8 vape cartridges are easy to come by these days, which makes them an attractive prospect if you’re looking to choose between vaping options for your extract experience. Click here to learn more in-depth about how gummies and vapes give you a different delta 8 experience.

You can typically find them online at many head shops, dispensaries, smoke shops, etc., so you know you’ll at least be able to find one, if not several varieties of vapes to try.

Delta-8 gummies are also easy to buy. Local shops, licensed dispensaries, and now even the gas stations are cashing in to store this cannabis product. But it can be difficult for the customers to understand how much to dose.

This is unfortunate since Delta-8 gummies have an almost mystical quality that makes them very appealing once you learn more about the effects associated with proper dosing.


The effect produced by the gummy and vape is usually different from one another because they affect you differently because of their concentration levels. The intensity felt from using the vape will be much stronger as well as faster-acting which could make it desirable for those who need help falling asleep or if they’re looking for relief quickly during the daytime.

It is important to note that the vapes will produce a much stronger appetite stimulation compared to just eating edibles, which means your stomach will experience strong hunger pains sooner than expected.

Also, the gummies are slow-acting, but longer lasting than vapes so it’s recommended that you use them in your day only once every few days to avoid getting too high since they can affect you differently than other strains because of the terpene compounds inside each one.


Delta-8 gummies are extremely pure products that have no additives, which means they don’t leave any aftertaste or an unpleasant feeling in the back of your throat as most vapes do.

While they usually contain sugar alcohols to help with taste, it’s easy to find versions that only use cannabis extract along with inactive ingredients.

Some brands of D8 vape cartridges can contain propylene glycol, an additive known to cause throat irritation and even damage sometimes. This is not the case for all brands, but if you are looking for pure Delta-8 THC, there are only a few options in vapes that meet this criterion.


Gummies cost about twice as much per unit when compared to vapes due to the simple fact that they are more difficult to make. The active ingredient in gummies is infused into hard candy, then covered in sugary coating or food-grade vegetable oil that dries into a thin sheen.  

While it’s easy enough for manufacturers to load up carts with hundreds of doses, people expect to pay more for candy.

Vapes are a much faster and easier product to produce, which means you can find them at a lower cost per unit, plus this product is much more common in the cannabis market.


D8 gummies are generally recommended in 10mg doses, with some brands recommending 15mg. Gummies can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to kick in but will last up to four hours depending on your body weight and tolerance.

The gummy doses will be easier to take because they are less potent and, therefore, smaller. They are also flavored, which can make it an enjoyable experience.

The effect of the gummy can last up to 4 hours or more depending on how much you ate. Not everyone likes flavors; however, if you do, then this is a great option for you.

Delta-8 vapes are designed with 100mg cartridges or more, so you will definitely feel the full effect if you choose this product. This is not always a good thing for people who are new to D8 products, since it can cause headaches.

However, these are recommended in 15mg doses, with some brands going as high as 20mg. The effects last around an hour or two, depending again on your body weight and tolerance.

They’re more potent than the gummies because they go straight into your system, which means that they’re absorbed faster. A lot of people like vaping because it gives them an energy boost which is desired by some people looking for an alertness boost during the daytime, but not everyone.

As for beginners, start out with around 10mg of D8 spread evenly across your day to test your tolerance level. Then raise until you find your sweet spot.

Pro tip: Never take more than 50mg of D8 a day. The effects can be fatal, especially for those that don’t have a high level of tolerance!


Gummies usually come in the form of a small, soft square. They’re easy to chew and swallow, making them better for novice users who are concerned of vaping.

Some companies offer gummy worms, gummy bears, flavors, sizes, shapes, and different potencies.

Gummies can come in any color, but they typically fall within similar shades like yellow, green, red, and blue according to their level of D8/THC content. This allows consumers to easily differentiate between levels at first glance before even reading the labeling on them.

The vapes can either come in kief or hash oil form. They are both the same thing when it comes to the effects they produce when vaporized. The concentrate amounts in each vape cartridge depend on how much THC is in there, so if you’re looking for a potency boost, then we’d recommend getting one with several hashes in it.

To Sum Up…

Delta-8 gummies are not as simple as vapes because their effects tend to be slightly stronger and last longer, but they also contain sugar alcohols or vegetable oil that some people dislike experiencing directly before consuming edibles.

Vapes provide a simpler experience that many people prefer over gummies because it’s easier to know exactly how much THC you’re taking with each inhalation. This makes dosing more accurate for those who have been using cannabis extracts for years, even though many new users may benefit from taking a few extra minutes to better understand the proper dosage.

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