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A Guide To Reaching Your Entrepreneurial Dreams With Kids

The only limits in life are the ones we place on ourselves. You may have heard other business owners say this, and it’s true. Of course, things like chronic illness, mental health issues, and the environment can impact our psychology and what we achieve.

That said, the point still stands: if we continuously tell ourselves a certain story, whether that’s we can/can’t do something, we will begin to believe it. Many entrepreneurs need to question their long-held beliefs and change them in order to be successful.

Reaching Your Business Dreams With Kids

Reaching Your Business Dreams With Kids

If you have kids and you believed that your entrepreneurial dream was over, it could be time to re-think. Having kids doesn’t mean you can’t achieve things. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, you will probably need to become more willing to ask for help. However, if you have a dream that you find yourself thinking about often, chances are, you should pursue it. Let’s take a look at how you can do this when you have kids:

Understand That You Will Need To Compromise 

Without a family, you can do whatever you like. You could work for hours on end and take huge risks if you wanted to. However, other people’s lives are at stake when you have a family. Taking smart risks, and making sure that your projects are successful will be your goal and motivation when you have a family to care for.

You may not be able to work 6 days a week and skip out on important milestones and events (you could, but you’d certainly damage your relationship with your family), but that doesn’t mean you can’t own a business. Changing your perception of what being a business owner means can be very helpful!  

Get Out of The House 

Working from home is great for some, not so great for others. It can be especially difficult for those who have a family. If you can, getting out of the house to work can be a blessing – even for a few hours.

Not only does it help you to distinguish between your home and work mindset, but it will also eliminate distractions, and you can use the little time you have more wisely. You may even realize that getting help is necessary for a better balance, in which case, hiring a virtual assistant and working with customs broker solutions could help you to move forward.

Working alone might nourish your ego, but working with others and finding a balance will nourish your soul. 

Make The Time With Your Family Sacred

When you do spend time with your family, make it sacred. Perhaps there are things you can commit to that won’t impact your work but will enhance your relationship with your kids, such as tucking them into bed with a story every night.

Let Go Of Guilt 

Occasionally, you may need to work late. Feeling guilty is a normal response, but try not to hold on to it. Be vulnerable, and apologize if you need to. Not only will this teach your kids valuable lessons on communication, but it’ll also ensure you avoid making the same mistakes.

Your kids can learn a lot from your work ethic and how you handle things like this. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.