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4 Tips to Keep Your Coffee Machine Working at its Best

If you have a coffee machine, there are some steps you need to take to keep it in good working order. It doesn’t matter what brand you own, there are some essential things that you should do. Here is a quick guide to help you keep your machine running at peak performance.

4 Tips to Keep Your Coffee Machine Working at its Best

Clear Out the Coffee

If you use coffee grounds in your filter machine, you will know that coffee grounds go moldy very quickly. Cleaning out your coffee machine is necessary every day because it can quickly turn into a science experiment. At the end of each day, empty out the filter and pour any cold coffee into your house plants (it is very good for their growth). Once everything is empty, give it a wash with warm soapy water, rinse well, and you can fill it up with water and fresh grounds for the next morning. Not only will this routine make your morning a lot easier, but it will also prevent harmful bacteria from building up inside the machine.


Using water in any machine can cause a buildup of limescale. This can happen with your washing machine, your dishwasher, and your coffee machine. Because of the small pipes in certain machines, you will have to clear them over limescale regularly. To clean nespresso vertuoline and other machines with lots of components, you will have to take extra care so that you don’t damage any part of the machine. Depending on how much you use your machine, you should descale it every 1 to 3 months. You could descale it on the 1st of each month so that you never forget and your machine doesn’t get loaded with limescale.

4 Tips to Keep Your Coffee Machine Working at its Best


Servicing your coffee machine may not seem like the best thing, but if you love the taste of coffee, you will want to get it checked out. A lot of people would agree that their machine makes coffee a certain way and it cannot be replicated by another. If you fall into this group of people, you will want to get your machine serviced every 12 months to ensure it keeps running and working well. If you have a basic model, you may be unaware of any issues. Some of the more advanced models are capable of telling you if there is an issue or if a service is due.

Avoid Certain Chemicals

As tempting as it might be to run harsh chemicals through your machine to kill germs and bacteria, it is not the best idea. Because a coffee machine needs to be cleaned by forcing fluid through the tubes and pipes, it can be difficult to rinse them out properly. If you have used vinegar or baking soda, these are easy to rinse. However, things like bleach cannot be properly removed from the system. In order for bleach to be properly removed, it needs to break down in the air, and the inside of a coffee machine is always wet, it will never properly leave.

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