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When Is a Good Time To Inspect Your Roof for Damage?

When should you inspect your roof for damage?

When Is a Good Time To Inspect Your Roof for Damage

If you’re like most people, then you probably don’t really pay attention to your roof as much as you should. You really can’t blame people for this either. Some people don’t have access to their roof and others might have only lived in apartments that don’t really have a traditional roof. When you move into a regular home for the first time, it might be strange to realize you need to maintain your roof, but there are a couple of ways to simplify this process.

When to Inspect Your Roof

The very first thing you should learn is when to inspect your roof. After all, knowing is half the battle and it helps when you know what signs to look out for.

As a general rule of thumb, inspect your roof at least twice a year

Most experts will recommend that you check your roof at least twice a year. The most common time to do this is once during spring and once again before fall. You’ll want to contact an experienced roofer to help you with this process, but you can also do it yourself as long as you have a safe way to get up onto your roof. You’ll want to look for any loose shingles, any leaks, or even physical damage to your roof itself. If you identify the damage, then it’s a sign that there could be a problem with your roof and you should aim to fix it as soon as possible.

This rule of checking your roof twice a year is only applicable if you don’t see any noticeable damage. If there has been rough weather over the past few weeks then it’s never a bad idea to call a roof expert to have a quick look at your roof. You could even do a quick visual inspection by walking around your house or checking your loft. If you do see damage outside of these two situations, then it’s best to contact a specialist to help you perform repairs.

When to Inspect Your Roof

Are you noticing any of the following signs?

Another way to determine when you should inspect your roof for damage is if you notice any of the following signs.

  • There’s internal leaking inside of your home, or you’re noticing water stains and moisture marks on your ceilings.
  • A lot of debris in your gutters and you’re not entirely sure what’s causing it.
  • Broken shingles around your home.
  • You’re noticing a cold breeze in your loft that wasn’t there before.

These are all common signs of roof damage that you should be on the lookout for. It’s important that you try to fix your roof as soon as possible if you notice these signs because they’re usually an indication of a larger problem.

Inspect Your Roof

So to conclude, there are two scenarios where you might want to inspect your roof; as part of a yearly maintenance check and if you’ve noticed any damage to your roof. Both of these will help you determine if there is damage and also help you detect the issue as soon as possible so that it can get fixed.




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