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What is an Acid Neutralizer for Skin?

To look well-groomed and fresh, take care of your face daily by properly cleansing it. But for the chemical peeling procedure to be successful, it is necessary to prepare well. So, professional cosmetologists recommend using an acid neutralizer before peeling. 

What is it? Acid neutralizer is a cosmetic product that helps to restore the skin and minimize the risk of side reactions. Read on to learn more about the acid neutralizer for skin.

acid neutralizer for skin

The Acid Neutralizer Is

It is a popular cosmetic product that stops the action of the acids from making up the peeling. The neutralization stage is crucial. The acid neutralizer stops its action, no matter how intense it is, and turns it into water. After that, the product can be easily washed off the skin without residue.

The fact is that if you do not apply such a composition, the acids will continue to affect the skin further, as a result of which you may even get a severe burn.

Mainly, the composition of the neutralizer includes natural extracts, arginine, sodium bicarbonate, panthenol, allantoin, and others. All these ingredients stop the action of acids and accelerate the process of skin cell renewal to bring balance.

When and Why Use the Acid Neutralizer?

The neutralizer is used not only at the end of the peeling procedure. It is necessary if an undesirable reaction in the form of severe redness and burning has followed after the start of the procedure. Most likely, the procedure is not suitable, and if it is carried out in full, the negative consequences will be stronger. Which ones exactly? Excessive acid exposure can bring:

What is an Acid Neutralizer for Skin
  • severe redness of the epidermis;
  • desquamation (mild or pronounced);
  • pain;
  • chemical burns;
  • the appearance of scars, and so on.

Thus, do not neglect using the neutralizer, even if the acid concentration in the peeling is small. Besides, you should use acid neutralization, if you plan to carry out a chemical peeling at home.

What Do Acid Neutralizers Look Like? 

These cosmetics come as sprays, tonics, or gels. Besides, there may also be ordinary wipes soaked in the composition. All these products are equally effective regardless of their format, which should be chosen only at your discretion.

Neutralizer Hand-Made

There is also an option to prepare such a neutralizer by yourself. Thus, some women choose hand-made solutions. 

In an attempt to save money, they make the neutralizing compound on their hands from home remedies. To be honest, it is not the best choice, since the home acid product to peel cannot guarantee effectiveness and safety, which means that instead of a care procedure, you may get burns and redness. It is better to purchase proven cosmetics from well-known brands or trust your cosmetologist when selecting an acid neutralizer.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.