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Old-School Marketing Tactics That Still Work For Businesses

The digital world is undoubtedly leading the way in the marketplace. It has transformed advertising strategies, changed marketing techniques, and created a fair ground for businesses to reach different demographics in real-time. Sometimes, it pays to stick to old-school marketing tactics, although the business landscape is increasingly digitized. That is because they offer specific benefits that digital marketing may not necessarily have. Customer response rates for the old-school marketing technique, direct mail, increased by 40% as proof of this. Here are others you may still find useful for your business.

Business cards

Digital networking platforms like LinkedIn have paved the way for modern ways to connect with like-minded individuals. The overwhelming benefits of these digital networking platforms may have thrown the humble business card out the window. Before you consider business cards outmoded, remember that a well-designed one still makes a lasting impression. For example, when you meet a potential business partner at a conference, what would you exchange after pleasantries? Your LinkedIn profile or business cards? The latter will be the obvious choice because it contains the necessary identification information the other person might need. Modern business cards add LinkedIn profiles to the content, like killing two birds with a stone.

Promotional products

These tangible giveaway items have come to stay, and there’s no exiting the marketing scene anytime soon. Promotional products always have the business’s logo, message, and other relevant brand identification details. The question is why promotional products still work in the modern business market. The answer is quite simple and has everything to do with longevity. The truth about digital ads is that they are time-bound, whereas promotional items like branded mugs, pens, T-shirts, or baseball caps last longer. They become constant reminders of the company, even when the promotion period is over.

Promotional products fall under tangible branding because they can be felt or touched. They are tangible connections to your business brand and are critical to your marketing campaigns. Marketing experts say this sensory marketing technique engages multiple senses and explains why many businesses use it. The psychological element of promotional products is strong, proving why customers and clients like to have a piece of a company.

Direct mail

There was so much talk about email overload a few years ago, especially concerning how they put people off. That led to alternative options, which caught on quite well with the masses. So, what could have accounted for the gradual return to direct mail campaigns? The truth is, they deliver impressive results when executed right, and the key word here is personalization. But how can you incorporate personalization into your direct marketing when there are hundreds of customers to reach? It starts by tailoring content to match customer interests, but that is possible if you take grouping and categorization seriously. 

Another way to personalize direct mail is by addressing recipients by name. It gives your customers the feeling of being recognized, which can be your ticket to successful marketing. For instance, convince customers to leave their names and contact details whenever they patronize your bakery in person. If most of your orders are online, retaining these necessary details for direct mail marketing is easier and more convenient. Old-school marketing can deliver results when used creatively and strategically.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.