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How to Use the Windows 10 Photos App to Resize Images

The Windows 10 Photographs application offers a basic and helpful method for resizing pictures, making it ideal for different purposes like sharing on the web or squeezing them into reports. By utilizing the application’s inherent altering devices, clients can change their photos’ elements without much of a stretch while safeguarding their quality. This guide will walk you through the bit-by-bit course of resizing pictures utilizing the Windows 10 Photographs application, empowering you to effectively oversee and change your visual substance in only a couple of snaps.

How to Use the Windows 10 Photos App to Resize Images

How do I open the Windows 10 Photos app for image resizing?

To open the Windows 10 Photographs application for picture resizing, follow these means:

  • Look for the Photographs application: Click the Windows Start button and type “Photographs” in the pursuit bar. The application ought to show up in the rundown of query items.
  • Click on the Photographs application: When you find the application, click on it to open it.
  • Select the picture you need to resize: Inside the Photographs application, peruse your picture assortment and pick the picture you wish to resize.
  • Open the picture in Alter mode: After choosing the picture, click on the “Alter and Make” button (it seems to be a pencil symbol) at the upper right corner of the application’s window.
  • Access Resize choice: Once in Alter mode, click on the “Harvest and Turn” button from the toolbar at the top.
  • Resize the picture: In the “Yield and Pivot” menu, you’ll see the “Resize” choice. Here, you can change your picture’s elements by reviewing preset sizes or entering custom aspects.
  • Save the resized picture: After resizing the picture, click the “Save a duplicate” button at the upper right corner to save the altered variant independently from the first.
Alternative Apps To Resize Images In Windows 10

Alternative Apps To Resize Images In Windows 10


Filmora, created by Wondershare, is a flexible video-altering program offering essential picture altering, including picture resizing for video projects. While its essential center lies in video altering, Filmora’s picture resizing highlight furnishes clients with adaptability in tweaking visuals. Before utilizing this product, you don’t need to stress over whether is Filmora free or paid it offers both free and premium designs for its clients.


IrfanView is a Windows-based visual communication and photograph-altering arrangement that assists people and organizations with reviewing, converting, enhancing, and printing pictures on a concentrated stage. It permits experts to use the inherent paint choice to draw circles, bolts, and lines among different shapes.

Light Image Resizer

Light Picture Resizer is a viable and easy-to-use picture resizing device. It empowers clients to easily resize, convert, rename, and watermark pictures. With bunch handling abilities, it immediately considers the effective treatment of different pictures. Its natural point of interaction and different resizing choices go with it a top decision for those looking for a solid and effective picture resizing arrangement.

Can I maintain image quality while resizing with the Photos app

Can I maintain image quality while resizing with the Photos app?

Indeed, you can keep up with picture quality while resizing with the Windows 10 Photographs application. The application uses progressed calculations to downsize pictures without undermining their general quality essentially.

While resizing, the Photographs application endeavors to hold the first lucidity and subtleties, guaranteeing that the resized picture looks as sharp and clear as could be expected. Notwithstanding, it’s vital to remember that assuming you resize a picture to a fundamentally bigger size than its unique aspects, there might be a deficiency of value because of pixel interjection.

For undertakings requiring exact command over picture quality, proficient picture-altering programs like Photoshop or GIMP might be more appropriate. Alternatively, those looking for limits on Snagit can look for a Snagit Coupon Code online to track down exceptional offers or arrangements to get a good deal on the product bought.

Is it possible to resize multiple images simultaneously in Windows 10 Photos?

The Windows 10 Photos app does not include a built-in feature to resize several photographs simultaneously as of my last knowledge update in September of this year. It is mostly used for individual picture editing jobs.

Users of Windows 10 can, however, select multiple photographs in File Explorer, right-click, and select “Resize pictures” to batch resize images using the operating system’s built-in capabilities. Users may need to look at third-party image editing software for more advanced batch image scaling options. Please check for any upgrades or modifications to the Photos app after my latest update date.

Is it possible to resize multiple images simultaneously in Windows 10 Photos

The Windows 10 Photographs application gives an easy-to-use answer for resizing pictures, guaranteeing that image quality is protected during the cycle. While it may not help bunch resizing of different pictures simultaneously, it offers a straightforward approach to resizing individual pictures efficiently. Users can explore alternative apps like Filmora, IrfanView, or Light Image Resizer for more advanced editing needs. For basic edits or more complex tasks, Windows 10 users have several options to manage and modify their visual content effectively.

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