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How To Deal With Your Partner’s Jealousy: 6 Useful Tips

In a relationship, it is inevitable that there will be times when your partner feels jealous. Jealousy can be exciting at first but this initial boost of adrenaline decreases with time. This leaves the unaddressed issue to fester until it becomes an unsolvable problem in your relationship. Learning to deal with your partner’s jealousy is essential for maintaining good relations and protecting against damage to your relationship. Some behaviors might seem innocent or even flattering at first but can quickly turn into something hurtful if left unaddressed. With these 6 tips on how to deal with your partner’s jealousy, you will learn how to effectively handle any uncomfortable emotions so they do not become harmful to your relationship.

How To Deal With Your Partner's Jealousy

Don’t disregard your partner’s feelings of jealousy

Don’t dismiss your partner’s jealousy. It’s an important sign about how they feel. Don’t dismiss those feelings as irrational or unimportant. Acknowledging their feelings and listening to understand them is key to getting through the situation.

It can be very hard when you feel like your partner is overreacting to every little thing that happens when you spend time with your friends, family, or celebrities if it doesn’t make them insecure in general. But remember; don’t dismiss their jealousy! Relationship professionals from Rebel Love point out that there’s nothing wrong with seeking advice from websites that specialize in the topic. You might be at a loss for ideas on how to make sense out of your partner’s jealousy. If they are jealous, it might sound silly but it actually is a huge sign about how much they like you and care about the relationship. It might be difficult at first because you might not understand why they’re reacting this way, but if they truly care about the relationship then just try to work through it together.

Don’t take advantage of their feelings: know where to draw the line!

How would you react if someone cheated on you? If your partner is acting jealous and possessive towards you, it might be tempting to use this as an advantage. Remember though; don’t take advantage of their feelings and actually cheat! Their jealousy doesn’t mean that they’re okay with sharing you with the world. So please don’t encourage their possessiveness by flirting with everyone or staying out late without telling them where you are.

You need to reassure your partner: let them trust you!

When someone is feeling insecure about a situation, they need to be reassured about what’s going on so that they can feel comfortable again. The same goes for your partner; after every time that they’ve felt jealous because of something, make sure to ask why and try to reassure them. But please don’t do it in a way that invalidates their feelings; saying stuff like ‘oh honey, you know I love you’ or ‘you’re my one and only baby’, while still sweet, can make them feel like you don’t take their insecurity seriously. Just be honest with them and tell them what you need from them so they can actually trust you.

Don’t try to change your personality: just enhance the positive!

Everyone has some sort of insecurity, but if your partner constantly feels insecure about the way that other people see you, then here’s a great tip: don’t try to change yourself! Instead of trying to become a completely different person just to please your partner, try enhancing all of the good qualities that you already have. Of course, nobody is perfect, but chances are there are a few things about you that your partner loves – keep those and try to work on some of the less obvious qualities.

Accept their jealousy: it’s annoying sometimes, but it’s also flattering!

Don’t let their jealousy hold you back from doing what you want to do once in a while. It can be very annoying if they’re always reacting this way, especially if people around you don’t understand why they’re acting this way all of a sudden. It might also make going out with friends more difficult because then they’ll feel like you don’t spend enough time with them anymore. But please remember; even though it might be annoying how insecure your partner can be, it’s also very flattering in a way! If you find out that they’re jealous about the fact that you spend time with your friends or family, then chances are that they really care about you and want to spend as much time together as possible.

Feel free to give them some space: but only if they ask for it!

Sometimes it can be difficult when your partner needs so much reassurance from you all of the time; especially because everybody has different needs when someone feels insecure. So sometimes it might be necessary for your partner to feel like they don’t need to contact you all of the time and instead just focus on themselves for a little while – just tell them that this is okay once in a while and don’t overdo it! If you really trust your partner, then they should know when to ask for some space and actually enjoy spending time by themselves.

Don't disregard your partner's feelings of jealousy

By taking the proper steps to deal with your partner’s feelings of jealousy, you can ensure that your relationship is protected and remains in good health. However, the best way to avoid problems like this in the future is to proactively address issues early on before they can reach a boiling point.


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