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Buying a New Family Car: What Features to Look For

When it’s time to buy a new family car, there are many features to consider that will meet the needs of your family and ensure safety, comfort, and convenience. Here are some of the top things to look for when shopping for your new family vehicle.

Space and Seating Configuration

One of the most important factors when buying a family car is making sure there is enough space and seating capacity for your family. Consider both legroom and headroom, especially in the second and third-row seats if you need more than five seats. Check how easy it is to access the third row and if the seats fold down easily to accommodate luggage and cargo. Minivans, SUVs, and people carriers often provide versatile seating arrangements.

Consider that a larger family car could be useful if you are fostering with an agency like, as you’ll need the extra room to accommodate your foster children.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when transporting your precious cargo. Look for important safety features like air bags, electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes and ISOFIX child seat anchors. Many modern family cars also have driver assistance technologies like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking. Check crash test safety ratings as well.

Storage and Boot Space

Families have a lot of stuff to carry around, so boot space is vital. Measure the boot capacity with all seats in place and check if the seats fold flat to create more storage. Inside the car, look for door bins, glove compartments, and other storage solutions. Roof racks or roof boxes can also add external storage capacity.

Child Friendly Features

It’s not just safety considerations for children – you’ll also want features that make it easier to travel with kids. That includes easy access doors and child locks, window shades, climate controls and charging ports in the back seat. Entertainment features like DVD players and screens are also family-friendly.

Comfort and Convenience

To keep everyone happy on family journeys, comfort and convenience features are a must. Key things to look for include adjustable seats, climate control, cruise control and parking assist. Connectivity features like Bluetooth and USB ports keep devices charged and connected. Auto tailgate, keyless entry and start also add everyday convenience.

Fuel Efficiency

With kids’ activities and family trips, you’ll be racking up the miles, so fuel efficiency is key. Diesel engines generally offer better fuel economy, as do hybrid/electric models. Check mpg ratings and consider running costs over the life of the vehicle.

Test Drives and Budget

Take any potential family car out for a comprehensive test drive to assess comfort, visibility, drivability and any other factors important to your family. Make sure it fits within your budget, not just for the purchase price, but also for insurance, fuel, and any finance payments.

Choosing the right family car takes research and planning. Focusing on the features that meet your family’s needs in terms of space, safety, comfort, and convenience will ensure you select the best option for your family’s lifestyle. Take your time and test drive different makes and models until you find the perfect family vehicle.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.