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How to Buy Barcodes for Your Business in India?

The proliferation of digital and international markets in today’s increasingly global economy makes it nearly impossible to operate the inventory and run the operations without the necessity of barcodes. In India, the twofold task of buying barcodes, especially the EAN barcode, which is quite a normal one for retail inventory globally, involves being knowledgeable of the local regulations and international standards. This article focuses on the process of purchasing barcodes for your company in India, following step-by-step sequencing redgif.

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What are EAN Barcodes?

Today, the EAN (European Article Number) is more commonly known as the International Article Number which is a 13 digit barcode used around the whole world for marking items mostly sold at retail stores. This framework plays a big role for local and out of town business companies which plan to distribute their products worldwide or online via platforms as Amazon or Flipkart. Everyone knows the EAN is the code required for product identification, making it a must-have for manufacturers since it is internationally accepted by retailers and marketplaces.

Step 1: Determine Your Needs

Before buy barcodes, think through how many numbers of barcodes you will need. Every specific type of product needs to have an individual barcode associated with it. As an illustration, a t-shirt that comes in three sizes and two colors requires six separate barcodes: one dedicated to each of the possible size and color combinations.

Step 2: Choose a Barcode Provider

Official GS1 Membership

The most reliable option to purchase barcodes is through GS1, the leading global organization that stands for all the barcodes in the world imac pro i7 4k. To have an EAN barcode in India, you must be GS1 registered and assigned a specific company prefix, which is the basis of all your code numbers. Here’s how to proceed:

Visit GS1 India’s Official Website: GS1 India’s website can be your starting point. Apply there and fill out the application form.

Submit Required Documents: You should keep the documents like the pan card, GST certificate, and proof of business set up ready.

Pay Membership and Registration Fees: The cost varies depending on how many barcodes the company will use and on their annual turnover.

Third-Party Vendors

On the other hand, businesses have the option of purchasing barcodes from third-party merchants. Such facilities are generally cheaper to acquire without incurring high costs for a long time. While the task of acquiring such EAN barcodes in India is a challenging one, it is of paramount importance to make sure that these vendors are credible and that their barcodes are renewable and registered under the banner of your company.

Step 3: Barcode Registration and Management

After generating the barcodes, then it is time to manage the codes you have properly:

Label Your Products: Using the tags on your products’ packaging or labels. To guarantee quick and flawless scan, the barcodes must be legible and scannable.

Integrate with Your Systems: The incorporation of a barcode system into your inventory and sales management systems is one of the suggestions. This integration empowers you to track, and manage the process online.

Maintain Records: Regulate carefully so that the barcode numbers issued to which of the products are from number to number.

Step 4: Testing and Quality Assurance

When you have already stick labels on your products with the barcodes then do the full check to know if they scan correctly at different supermarkets or in different conditions. This presale is very important to avoid problems which could lead to disruption of your retailers and sales points techaibots.


For any international business willing to start a barcode number purchase in India, it is a simple task that may be done if you do it according to regulations and rules applicable to all countries and to this country. It can be whether you finally decide to register with GS1 India or find a third party vendor, do not forget to review the implications as well as obligations of both kinds of services. Well-executed barcodes are one of the most effective ways leading to greatly improved business efficiency, which is the reason why it should be taken as a strategic investment for the future of your startup.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.