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Should You Bring Your Own Stroller to Disney Or Rent A Disney Stroller Instead?

It can be a tough decision sometimes when it comes to baby gear and traveling. And many parents would surely have this question in mind when bringing their children to Disneyland or Disney World – should you bring your own stroller, or rent a stroller from the theme park instead?

The answer depends on a few factors, which we will discuss below. Hopefully, this will help you have a clearer idea of whether to bring your best stroller for Disney along, or forget about it and rent a stroller there instead.

Should You Bring Your Own Stroller to Disney Or Rent A Disney Stroller Instead

Should I Rent or Bring a Stroller to Disney?

If you are deciding to rent or bring a stroller to Disney, here are a few things to keep in mind when making the decision.

Kid’s Age

If you have younger kids, it’s worth bringing your own stroller to Disney. It may seem inconvenient at first since you will need to gate-check your Disney stroller, but it will save you the hassle of carrying your child’s luggage when you are at the family-friendly park. Not only that but chances are, the stroller will become like a shopping cart filled with souvenir items and water bottles!

Besides being a practical place to keep your stuff, having your own stroller will also keep your little one comfortable. After all, your child is already familiar with your own stroller, so there will be less fuss involved. However, this is only viable if you don’t mind traveling with it and pushing your stroller at all times. But don’t worry, Disney parks are stroller-friendly so there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

If you have an infant with you, go for a stroller with a detachable car seat, as you cannot bring the stroller into the attractions but to have it parked outside. Even so, you are allowed to bring your baby in a car seat into most shows and inside some slow-moving rides.

You could consider renting a stroller there if you’re visiting Disney with a toddler since an older toddler has a higher tolerance to using a different stroller than what they’re used to.

Ease of Use

Renting a stroller at Disney is definitely convenient since you don’t have to lug around the stroller from the start of your trip until you’re back home from vacation. However, this means you will be at the mercy of the theme park’s stroller condition – with many others renting the same stroller, it may not be in tiptop form, possibly causing discomfort not only to your child who is riding in it but also to you pushing the stroller.

On the other hand, using your own stroller is more familiar to the touch for both you and your kiddo. You are already used to maneuvering the stroller and you know the stroller’s strength and storage capacity. This enhances the ease of use a lot. 

money saving Disney tipsStroller Fit

Renting a stroller is safer than bringing your own no doubt but one thing to consider is it may be difficult to identify a specific model or size that will fit your child among the many rental options. Worse, you could end up spending precious sightseeing time just to pick a suitable Disney rental stroller to carry your child safely around. It will be less of a hassle if you bring your own stroller instead.

If you’re planning to bring your own stroller to Disney, it’s a good idea to check the regulations beforehand. Should you decide to bring your own stroller to the Disney park, be sure to measure your stroller size first to avoid surprises. Disney came out with a new stroller rule in 2019 that allows only strollers no bigger than 31 inches x 52 inches to enter into all their Disney parks. It’s best to check the dimensions and weight limits before booking – your best stroller for Disney should fit into Disney’s stroller requirements.

Budget And Price

If you’re traveling with an older child, you can opt to rent a stroller from Disney since the theme parks’ long paths and many attractions can tire your kid’s legs and feet quickly. There are many options available to parents, including the use of multiple strollers. Besides buying a single stroller, you can also choose a double.

Of course, rental doesn’t come cheap and you will need to keep the receipt well as you need to return and rent, return and rent on repeat since Disney stroller rentals are only available at certain points such as the main parks and Disney Springs. This could be considered a hassle for some parents especially if park-hopping is in your itinerary. You cannot bring the stroller out of their designated theme parks though, which is where your own stroller comes in handy. 

Caring For Your Stroller

Renting a stroller at Disney is a viable option if you are constantly afraid of losing your best stroller and being unable to watch out for your stroller and belongings at the park. Even so, you should always bring your important belongings with you into the attractions – in any event of a stroller being misplaced, stolen, or missing somehow, at least your important items are safe with you. 

Also, do finish all food and drinks before entering the attractions instead of leaving them in the stroller. You wouldn’t want the birds or squirrels stealing half-eaten food stuffed in your stroller, making a mess on it.

There are many considerations to go through when deciding between bringing your own stroller to visit Disney parks or simply settling for stroller rentals instead. It all depends on your take on convenience as well as your child’s age, but generally, it is recommended that you bring your own stroller for Disney instead as the advantages outweigh the hassle of carrying your stroller for the trip. Many parents agree that it is worth the effort bringing your own stroller to Disney – no matter your preference, just go with whichever method that works best for your family!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.