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Best Things to Do in Maui in the Summer

Maui is one of those places where you go all year round. But, in the summertime, the island is even more beautiful, and there are many more activities to participate in. 

Summer temperatures are just right, making it the perfect time for scuba diving and snorkeling. For instance, Molokini is a first-rate snorkeling destination with its colorful reefs and abundance of fish, turtles, and manta rays. 

The Molokini Crater, a gorgeous crescent-shaped islet three miles from Maui, is a partially submerged volcanic crater and looks like a Disney-animated creation. The crater floor lies 35 feet below the surface, making it a great spot for beginners.

best things to do in maui in the summer

Get Up Close to Maui Waters

In addition to snorkeling at Molokini, there are several other ways to make the most of the gorgeous seawater in Maui during the summer. 

The Coral Gardens, off the island’s southwestern coast, is a protected ocean bay where you will find stunning tropical fish, including butterflyfish and angelfish. There is also Honolua Bay, with its dramatic lava rock formations and the promise of a spinner dolphin encounter. 

Moreover, kayaking is another activity most visitors (and locals) look forward to during the hot months. Kayaking brings you up close to hidden coves and secret beaches. You can paddle the jaw-droppingly clear turquoise waters of Makena Bay as the fish accompany you beneath the surface.

If you love surfing, Kanaapali and Wailea offer gentler waves during summer, which is perfect for honing surfing skills. 

Hit the Road for a Summer Maui Road Trip

People love Maui for its breathtaking beaches and views, but the mainland also has much to offer during summer. The Hana Highway is an experience and the best place for a summertime Maui road trip. 

The highway winds along the island’s north shore and includes several stops where you can take in the one-of-a-kind natural surroundings. These include the Twin Falls and Wailua Falls, which plunge 80 feet into a turquoise pool.

Three miles north of Hana lies the Honokalani black sand beach. There is also a blowhole here that sends seawater rocketing upwards. 

Along the road to Hana are several roadside stands where you can buy treats and snacks like banana bread and coconut candy.


Exploring Maui’s Rainforests

Volcanic peaks make for a dramatic sight in Maui because they are cloaked in lush rainforests. In the Haleakala National Park, you can watch the sunrise from the Haleakala summit, which is dormant. From this bird’s eye angle, you will see the sun slowly adding color to the sky as the day breaks. 

Then, you can also explore the Kipahulu Valley along the Pipiwai Trail. There are bamboo forests, a stream, and the iconic Jurassic Park trees to admire. 

Summer also transforms the Iao Valley, a cultural landmark where sacred sites and hiking trails abound. The Iao Valley State Park is home to the Iao Needle, a rock outcropping overlooking the stream. 

Iao Valley is historically significant because it is where King Kamehameha I clashed with the Maui army

Summer Is Best for Beach Living

There is a lot to do on and around the Maui beaches during the summer. If you want to sunbathe, the golden sands of Kamaole Beach Park will do. If you want to windsurf or paddleboard, Kahana Beach Park offers both. 

Beyond the beaches, you can enjoy luaus, fire knife performances, and art exhibits. You can learn more about lei making at the Lahaina Marketplace or about the Maui marine life at the Maui Ocean Center. 

Exploring Upcountry Maui

You can even take a day trip to Upcountry Maui when it is hot. Here, you will find unmatched views of the island, and you can even glimpse Lanai and Molokai. 

Upcountry farms offer a taste of local and fresh produce, and you can buy delicious jams and honey here. If you are lucky, you might spot a few Hawaiian cowboys herding cattle across the farmlands. 

Makawao is also full of art galleries and local cafes where you can get something to eat while admiring local art. 

Best Things to Do in Maui This Summer

Maui Is a Wonderful Destination for Your Next Summer Vacation 

There is no end to fun and activities in Maui, whether you prefer snorkeling the days away or exploring hidden beaches. You can even help preserve the island by volunteering at a local conservation organization and helping them protect sea turtles and plant native trees. 

Either way, the Aloha spirit will be with you as soon as you set foot on the island and guide you toward the best summer vacation yet. 

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