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Bathroom Upgrade Ideas for Your Next Remodeling Project

As the area of the home that has been in the spotlight for the past few years, bathroom transformation trends continue to amaze. Leaving its humble utilitarian origins behind, the focus now is on its reinvention as the home retreat that offers relaxation as much as functionality. To achieve this with yours, take heed of the following looks and ideas for your next remodel project!


a basin sink in a bathroomA Luxe Wet Room

Shower-lovers, rejoice, wet rooms are back on the trend scene! The reason they’ve made such a huge comeback in recent times is due to the fact many households have downsized and there’s a lack of space for bulky shower trays, let alone spacious bathtubs. In turn, wet rooms provide some extra benefits of their own that people find handy.

Take accessibility as an example. People with disabilities, or mobility issues, would no longer have to acquire specific aids since showers such as these present no obstacles. The stylish upgrades double as solutions that can future-proof your bathrooms so you wouldn’t require any additional stylish transformation in the near future.

Thanks to the simplicity of the look, you’d only have to acquire the essential bathroom supplies from a well-stocked bathware store, in the likes of shower tapware, and that would be it. Those who are up for having a slight division, to separate the area from the rest of the bathroom, or fixtures and fittings, can achieve this with purposeful glass shower screen dividers installed on the sides – creating a lovely wet area shell.

Now, in case you’re lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom, your wet room could be big enough to include other features, like a sink, as well as a bathtub. Fitting them all in the same compartment would certainly increase your home’s value thanks to giving off an opulent hotel feel. Not to mention, you’d appreciate the ease of cleanliness since the wet room is at floor level.

Tips: You need to be cautious with the tanking systems, considering the nature of this room. Installing adequate bathroom fittings in the form of shower floor grates, and hidden tray systems under the tiles would guarantee you take care of the water-tightness and drainage properly to avoid any issues.

As they’re wet, these rooms also need assistance with ventilation and dryness. You’d easily be able to fix this with the help of mechanical ventilation from something multifaceted as a heater fan light to keep the bathroom in check. Fancy bathroom supplies and accessories like towel rails can also assist with the dryness, besides improving the bathroom’s aesthetics.


Convenient Dual Showerheads

As we’re all more or less aware of it nowadays – time is money. The busy men and women of today don’t have too much time at hand to be able to wait for their significant other to finish up with the shower first thing in the morning.

Why go through the stress and wait when you can simply boost the bathroom’s practicality with a valuable fitting from a reliable bathroom warehouse like a double showerhead. Hey, if double vanities, double sinks, and double mirrors reflect the style, why not these fixtures? I don’t have to tell you this can work in favor of your relationship too since you’d get to do yet another thing together.

There are many ways you can use to create your dual head shower area. Depending on what you prefer, you could include one on each side, and separate them with a comfortable bench that would allow you to spend more time relaxing. If you’re after a spa-like experience, the rainfall type could be your primary pick, especially useful if you also boost it with various body sprays, and steam units.

Tips: Without a doubt, the dual showerheads would be the focal point in your bathroom. For a seamless outcome, be sure to match them in style and finish with the rest of the bathroom accessories which would add instant polish.

To make the showerheads stand out properly, you can have fun creating something ultra-modern like a capsule integrating both the shower areas together. If you’re after symmetry, position the focal bathroom supplies on the same wall, and add the same glass screen partitions on both sides.

When deciding to add a bench, you can make the lovely addition even more welcome in the room if you add a nice niche right above it to store your bathwater essentials without keeping them in your way.

Warm Earthy Floors

Gone are the days when bathrooms were stripped of all warmth through the use of floor tiles of cool whites and matching walls. Even if you wouldn’t mind having your bathroom décor all in white, you’d be able to break away the coolness and add a dose of sophistication the right way, with the warmth and timelessness of wood.

Okay, given that this humid environment isn’t exactly fit for the sensitive wood that can easily shrink or swell from excess water, the solution lies in getting tiles with a wooden look from specialized bathroom showrooms. This is especially helpful in wet rooms where you can mimic the beauty of wood, minus the hassle. The aesthetic aspect of them aside, which makes them fit for décor accents, there’s more to these floors than you might realize.

Unlike actual hardwood floors, these tiles are moisture-resistant because they’re made from outstandingly durable materials such as porcelain. As a result, you can also be sure these tiles wouldn’t add yet another time and effort-consuming chore to your list since porcelain is easy to clean and maintain. You won’t have to fret about any upkeep like staining, or polishing, since simple sweeping, mopping, and washing would do.

If you’re particular about your style, you’d be glad to know there’s a wide range of designs of wood-look floor tiles to choose from. From various sizes to various shades, as well as eye-catching patterns, and styles like rustic, modern, and all of the in-between – the options are truly endless.

Tips: To really tie the space together, you could get matching bathroom supplies like vanities with the same wood-like aesthetic, color, and pattern. This would certainly provide you with a high-end result straight out of the blog posts of designers.

If wood is going to be your main bathroom statement, then it’s advisable to use these tiles for a part of the floor plus accent walls of your choice – could be those of the shower area. Vertical wood-like tiles should do the trick of effortlessly increasing the space which works wonders for tiny bathrooms.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.