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5 Essential Tips For Accurate Kratom Dosage

Plants have long been a go-to source of remedies and nutrition for living things. Yet, mankind keeps discovering new uses and powers hidden in plants’ roots, stems, and leaves. One such discovery is the leaf of the kratom plant. Although it’s been in use for years in places like Asia, the Western world is just waking up to kratom and its uses. However, the rise in popularity of kratom also means many questions arise regarding its safe usage.

The question you’ll find most frequently is how to properly dose kratom. Good thing you don’t have to guess anymore. This blog provides the vital tips you need to accurately dose kratom.

1. Understanding The Fundamentals

Types of Kratom | Your Guide to Strains & Effects

There is no doubt that the studies and clinical trials surrounding kratom and its uses are few. However, there are some anecdotal reports and surveys providing information on how to use them. Traditionally, you can chew kratom leaves or use them for tea by boiling the leaves. But on our side of the world, surveys show you will find kratom in capsules or powder for mixing with liquids. 

This survey involved 129 people who use kratom regularly in the US, with most having a daily dose of about one to three grams. Others ingested 4 to 6 grams per dose. Irrespective of the grams consumed, 37% consumed kratom as a drink, whereas 43.6% took it in powdered form and 18.8% consumed kratom capsules.

 Irrespective of which form you wish to take kratom, you can consult the table below to guide you on the right kratom dosage.


Weight (Ibs)Grams
Below 1250.25-0.50
Above 1600.75-1.0

Gents (G)

Weight (Ibs)Grams
Below 1500.75-1.5
Above 2102.25-3.0

Undoubtedly, the table above shows pretty low doses for obvious reasons. You’re better off taking too little than overdosing. Therefore, these doses are good even for those starting their kratom journey.

2. Serve The Right Amount

If you want to get the desired effects after kratom use, getting the right serving size is vital. This tip is particularly relevant in situations where you can get the exact weight in grams. In such cases, all you need to get a safe and suitable kratom dosage is a teaspoon. 

Generally speaking, the recommended serving amount for the average user is 1 teaspoon. However, if you’re new to this stuff, you might want to start with half a teaspoon and gradually adjust the serving size upwards. But mind you, the density of kratom powder might vary across batches. Therefore, it’s always advisable to use a scale. For more detailed guidance, you might want to look into what is the best way to take kratom.

3. Buy Quality Kratom Products

types of kratom

If you run a quick Google search for kratom in your browser, you’ll find hundreds of vendors and products near you. These suppliers will provide slightly different products. In the end, you’ll find it challenging to trust one brand. Pick the wrong product, and the previously ideal dose might not work due to low potency or poor quality. 

  • Therefore, another crucial aspect of good kratom doses is avoiding subpar products. Fortunately, you can follow some simple steps to ensure you purchase nothing but the best.
  • Look for a lab-tested kratom product. Most companies claim their products are lab-tested. But what usually happens is that only one large batch gets tested. So, look for a kratom vendor that tests products in small batches through a third-party lab. 
  • Check the 7-OH and mitragynine content of your product. These constitute the primary alkaloids behind the desired effects produced by kratom. Usually, every batch comes with a unique alkaloid profile, owing to the diverse effects kratom users experience.
  • Ensure the supplier follows the relevant product guidelines, like proper labeling. Improper labeling and poor packages are red flags you must avoid.

4. Use Toss And Wash Method

The “toss and wash” technique is among the easiest but most effective means of consuming kratom. You’ll love this approach to taking kratom if you don’t want to drink it. It’ll help you get over the act quickly and look for tastier delicacies. You only need some kratom and something to wash it down, like a sports drink, flavored water, or your go-to beverage.

  • You can get it done in the following steps:
  • Measure the right quantity of kratom.
  • Pour a glass of your favorite beverage to wash it down.
  • “Toss” your kratom onto your tongue without swallowing or breathing it. Remember, breathing or swallowing your kratom directly may cause coughing and other discomforts.
  • Gulp the water or beverage together with the kratom to wash it down. But take a second to let the kratom and liquid mix before swallowing.

In case you’re wondering, kratom may taste bitter. So, get ready to tolerate its bitter taste before using this technique.

5. Startly Gradually

What is Gold Bali Kratom

Navigating the preferred kratom dosage will require some practice and further trials. But there’s a silver lining. If you get a reputable and premium product, you can have a smooth sailing experience, provided you start dosing gradually. So begin dosing with the bare minimum and increase in small quantities till you find your sweet spot.


If you’re trying to consciously find the perfect kratom dosage for yourself, you’re not alone. Many people ask the same question once they change products or try another strain. Use the tips above, but don’t forget to talk to your doctor before taking kratom.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.