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Building The Presence Of A Niche Company

Running a niche business means that your very nature makes you different from the norm. However, you still need to reach customers effectively, and here are some ways of doing so:


Simple business tips for busy momsGo all out on social media

Social media is, essentially, a giant community. And niche businesses tend to attract dedicated followings. So tapping into social media can help you build a fan/customer base to be proud of.

The more content you put out there, the more people will interact with you. 

The more you interact with those people, the wider your message will be shared. 

Not only do people love to explore weird and wonderful things on the internet, but they also enjoy sharing the oddities they find. So no matter how bizarre your product or service, you’re bound to find people on Facebook, Twitter, and others who want to talk about it. 

To really get yourself noticed you can:

  • Run competitions and giveaways
  • Ask your followers to submit opinions, photos of your products, reviews and other content online
  • Interact with people by responding to their comments on your posts 
  • Allow comments on your website’s blogs

Of course, it does all depend on the nature of your business. Running a competition doesn’t really work well for medical malpractice attorneys, for example, but interacting and answering customer queries will.

Encourage backlinks from influencers

There are two major benefits of all this attention to your SEO strategy.

  • Having followings on social media accounts increases your “authority” in the eyes of a search engine. Authority is a key ranking factor affecting search results.
  • You increase the possibility of gaining backlinks to your site. Backlinks are links that people place on their own sites that lead back to yours. It’s the internet’s equivalent of word-of-mouth and one of the most important ranking factors.

Not all backlinks are equally valuable though. If lots of low-quality sites link back to yours, Google and other search engines will assume yours is also low-quality. So, what you really want is to have key influencers in your industry link to you. 

You can find out who they are by using tools like Follower Wonk and Inky Bee, which rank influencers by field. Finding them is only half the battle. The second half is convincing them to link to you. The best and most respectful way to encourage this is to:

  • Mention them in related content you post
  • Ask to interview them for a post
  • Quote them in something, or link to one of their posts, adding their photo, author bio, and website in with the text
  • Reaching out to them on social media when you share these posts (e.g. @influencer on Twitter)

Final thoughts…

As with everything, ranking highly online takes a little time, effort, and a spattering of insider knowledge. With these tips at hand, you can take some simple steps towards improving your visibility to the people who want what you’re selling. So step out of the workshop! Shut up the office! And take it to your computer. Because improving your SEO will give your business the best chance of achieving internet success. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.