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Some Ways That Simplicity Can Be a Superpower

In the world today, there are more different options available than ever before when it comes to things like consumer purchases, self-expression, and ways to spend your free time – and in addition to all of these choices, the systems that we all rely on in society tend to be consistently growing in scope and complexity.

But with the world seems in many ways to be getting more and more complex, many people have found that striving to find ways to simplify things can be very rewarding and destressing – whether that’s in the form of aiming for a bit of minimalism in the home, or in the form of saying “no” to excess projects and tasks.

Here are just some ways that simplicity can be a superpower.

By helping to reduce the amount of chronic stress you have to deal with on a daily basis

Life naturally and inevitably contains plenty of challenges and setbacks in and of itself, and sometimes those challenges will be as serious as an accident that you’ll need a car crash lawyer for afterward.

While certain sources of stress are unavoidable or impossible to foresee, however, others are entirely predictable, and end up occurring as a result of the fact that we allow our everyday routines to become unnecessarily complex and exhausting.

If your attention is always being dragged in a variety of different directions, and if you always have to contend with a cluttered mental landscape, with a huge array of different variables to consider, chronic stress will tend to follow automatically.

Taking steps to simplify your life in various ways, therefore, can have very powerful stress-busting benefits. 

By giving you a much clearer sense of direction and purpose

When you’ve managed to effectively simplify things, it will typically be a lot easier to maintain a balanced “big picture overview,” and to know what you should be working on at any given moment.

On the other hand, complexity often has the effect of making it difficult to figure out where to turn next, and what action to spend your time and energy on at any given moment.

Simplifying your life can make you more productive and effective at whatever it is you do, largely because it can remove a lot of the clutter and uncertainty that typically act as confounding factors on a daily basis.

By helping you to be more present and less distracted

Complexity naturally tends to lead to distraction, since you have to notice and engage with all sorts of different variables – even if only in the back of your mind.

Both for the sake of maintaining a high degree of personal well-being, and also for the sake of allowing yourself to be as productive as possible when you are working, however, reducing distraction and boosting your ability to be present and attentive to one thing at a time can be very powerful.

Simplifying your life is more or less a process of removing distractions, therefore meaning you can more easily be present.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.