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How To Properly Care For Ceramic Cookware

If you are debating investing in a new ceramic cookware set, then you will want to be sure you know how to properly care for your ceramic cookware. 

how to properly care for ceramic cookware

If you have made the investment in ceramic cookware, then you probably already know that you need to properly care for it in order to ensure it lasts you a lifetime.

Many people who are new to using ceramic-coated pots and pans, may be unaware of proper ceramic cookware care. It may sound daunting, needing special care for a set of pots and pans, but these pans are an investment.

When properly maintained they will last longer than any big box store non-stick pans on the market. And honestly, the proper ceramic cookware care really isn’t all that much. 

What is Ceramic Cookware?

 Ceramic-coated cookware serves as a safer, non-stick alternative to traditional non-stick cookware.  You can learn more about the best ceramic cookware here.

Proper Ceramic Cookware Care

proper ceramic cookware care

Caring for your new ceramic cookware set is really easy once you know what you are supposed to do. 

Clean Before First Use

When you first open your new ceramic pan set, you are going to want to wash it before you do anything else. This isn’t really exclusive to ceramic pans.  You should be watching everything you eat off of and cook-off of prior to first use.  

Only Use Safe Utensils for Non-Stick Ceramic Pans

When cooking with ceramic non-stick pans, you don’t want to use metal utensils. These can damage the inside of your pan. 

Always use wooden, silicone, or plastic utensils instead. I personally prefer wooden spoons and spatulas when cooking with my Caraway ceramic pans

Also, make sure you never cut food while it is still in the pan. This should go without saying, but it will also damage the inside of your pan and drastically decrease the life of your new investment. 

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Cook on Low to Medium Heat

If you are anything like me, you are used to cranking up the burner all the way to high when you are cooking dinner. I always thought, well cook on high, it will cook faster. Such a bad idea though, especially with ceramic pots and pans. 

With ceramic coated pans, you always want to use low to medium heat. These pans distribute heat extremely well, meaning your food will cook evenly and quickly at the right temperatures. 

Cooking with too high of heat can damage your pans and cause food to burn and potentially stick. 

Use a SMALL Amount of Oil

With ceramic cookware, you won’t need to use a ton of oil or butter when you are cooking. Honestly, I mainly add them in for flavor now that I am using my Caraway pans, but I still like to have just a little to coat the interior of my pan. 

While food doesn’t tend to stick to ceramic, even without a cooking fat, the oil does help ensure that the ceramic coating lasts longer. 

You will want to avoid using cooking sprays as well. Sprays tend to contain ingredients that are too harsh on nonstick cookware and can break down the inside of your pan. 


Let Your Ceramic Pan Completely Cool Before Washing

It may be tempting to stick your hot, dirty pan right into the water after cooking to get all the residue off, but this is not advisable for ceramic cookware

You want to wait until your pan has completely cooled down after cooking before washing. Placing a hot pan directly into the water can lead to degrading the ceramic coating and cracking due to rapid temperature changes. 

Make the Investment in Ceramic Cookware Today!

If you are ready to invest in high-quality ceramic cookware today, then head over to Caraway and grab one of their beautiful sets on sale now! 

If you still need a little bit more convincing, then why not read up on some of the other informative blogs linked below! 

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