Make Mealtime Simple with Hello Fresh

Mealtime in my house has been nothing short of chaos lately. Between an active 4 year old and a 7 month old cutting teeth, I barely have time to breathe let alone meal plan. So lately, every night has been a mad rush to decide on dinner. What do we have, what can be made quickly? It was getting to be frustrating to say the least. Then I tried out Hello Fresh for a week and it seriously made mealtime simple. I was able to get good fresh food to my family without the stress and worry.

*This post was sponsored by Hello Fresh. All opinions are 100% my own and not influenced in any way.*

Make mealtime simple with Hello Fresh

Make Mealtime Simple

I got to try out Hello Fresh and let me say, it was so great. Every aspect of the experience better than I expected, and it really did help me make my mealtime simple.  Instead of stressing over meal planning and grocery shopping, I had three meals delivered right to my door. At first, I was a little skeptical, but that did not last long.


I was quite impressed with the shipping. The bog was well refrigerated and all of the contents remained cold and fresh during shipping. Everything was packaged and grouped together based on which meal it went with. The box was heavy, but not too heavy for me to carry inside from my door.

Mealtime Made Simple with Hello Fresh

The Food

For my meals, I did the family package for 4 people. I ended up with three delicious meals, and portion sizes were quite generous, even leaving us with some leftovers on two of the nights. I was a bit worried that my picky eater of a daughter wouldn’t want anything to do with this, but she ended up loving all three meals as well! Another bonus was the adorable apron that came in my box. What can I say, I am a sucker for stuff like that!

The recipe cards are huge, which is great when you want to look at them while cooking. They are also simple to follow and have actual photo illustrations on them, making the recipes almost impossible to mess up!

Pork Chili

On the first night, we went with the Pork Chili recipe. It was simple to make and all of the ingredients were super fresh. Everything we needed was right there in the box, so no need to delve into my own pantry for anything more than salt and pepper to taste. With this meal, we did end up having leftovers for my husband to take to work with him the next day.

Pork Chili Hello Fresh

Shrimp Tacos

This was probably my favorite of the three meals. These shrimp tacos were delicious, and had just the right amount of heat to them! The made mealtime super simple too because that day my baby was extra fussy and it was wonderful not having to stress over dinner.  I will say, it was a little spicy for my 4 year old, but she ate it and loved it, just had to drink a little extra milk to wash it down.


Chicken Lo Mein

Our third and final meal was the Chicken Lo Mein. My daughter tore this one up! It had fresh veggies and was super simple to make! This is the other one where we had some leftovers, and that made for a nice little lunch!

Simplify Mealtime

All in all, I could not be happier with my experience with Hello Fresh. Not only was the food delicious and fresh, I think it is a great way to branch out and try new recipes. Many of these I would probably not have ever thought to make at home on my own, but I am glad we got to. As a bust work at home mom, sometimes I just don’t have the time to go to the store and plan every meal, and that is the beauty of Hello Fresh.  It helped make my mealtime simple and it can for you too.

One thing that I thought was really great was how you can personalize your orders. You can choose the number of people eating and you can pick from a number of different plans. They have the Classic, Veggie, and Family plans. The box I got was the Family, and it was perfect for us. You are able to go on to their website as well and see the menu selections for the week. Then you can choose if you want to skip a week or if you want to go ahead and get it.

Another bonus, they are always running discount specials! Right now if you order Hello Fresh here and use the code COFFEEMOM30 at checkout you will get $30 off of your first box (new customers only). Seriously, that is an awesome deal if you are interested in trying them out.

I really recommend giving them a try. If you do, let me know what you think!

make mealtime simple with Hello Fresh and save $30 off of your first box!



  1. robin rue says:

    My friend gets Hello Fresh and loves it. She seriously raves about it all the time. I definitely want to try it at some point.

  2. karen says:

    I have always been curious about these meal delivery services. There are more and more out there now, so its good to know which ones are recommended and actually taste yummy! And with a discount code that makes it even better!

    • Jessi says:

      This is definitly worth a try. My family really loved it, and the discount is pretty amazing I think. It was a fun way to try new things.

  3. Janel Berchielli (@JanelB) says:

    I’ve been very curious about this company for quite some time now. I’ve seen several friends, blogger’s and other people on social media on boxing and re-creating the recipes. I think they look yummy and I need to find out if they have gluten-free options .

  4. Cassie says:

    I’ve definitely been curious about meal delivery services. I guess being a food blogger I wondered if it was cheating HAHA but really it all looks like a bit of fun and trying something different!

  5. Kristina says:

    I haven’t ordered this yet but I want to try it for date nights! I think it’d be fun to do cooking together.

  6. Donah @ SJB says:

    Most ingredients to the recipes you posted are fresh. Thanks goodness to Hellofresh. My favorite on the list is the pork chili. Maybe, me and husband wont have some leftovers at all!

  7. Heather says:

    I have been thinking about trying this for a while! I love to cook, but meal planning is so hard! Half the time I just don’t think about it until it is too late, so this would definitely help in that department.

  8. CourtneyLynne says:

    Ooooo this looks like one fabulous meal option for those with super busy schedules!!! I will have to show hubby Hello fresh!!

  9. Carol Cassara says:

    I have never tried Hello Fresh before but I think it makes dinner convenient for everyone. You have everything that you need, not to mention you also learn new recipes!

  10. angela milnes says:

    This is the first time that I heard about hello fresh and it really sounds that they had a good service. I will check this out.

  11. katriza says:

    I’ve heard so many great things about Hello Fresh and I definitely want to try it! I admit I haven’t checked it out in detail so I’m so glad you posted about this!

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