Unique Gender Reveal Party Inspiration

So there seems to be a growing trend of pregnant women having a gender reveal party. With my first, I don’t remember this being a thing, so I was super excited to do one with my second! I remember scouring Pinterest for inspiration, so I thought I would compile all of my favorites here for you to find in one place!

Simple and fun gender reveal party ideas

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender reveal parties are a growing trend, and I love it. I have heard that it is a pointless party, that it is a grab for more gifts, but really just no. For one, I have never been to a gender reveal party where gifts were expected. It is a celebration with family and friends, nothing more. A gender reveal party is fun for parents, and for the family, so I say if you are pregnant you should for sure have one!

My Gender Reveal Party

So I will start with what I did, because I obviously loved it. I wanted to do something a little different than the typical blue or pink cake cutting. So what we decided on was to have my mother blindfold us while we were wearing white shirts. Then we were handed squirt bottles with paint in them to cover each other with. The paint would either be blue or pink. It was messy and so much fun! The best part is now we have the shirts that we wore that day as reminders in a shadow box. Before we covered each other in paint, we had everyone who came sign in on a picture board that we could keep. If they thought girl they signed in pink, if they thought boy they signed in blue! If you haven’t guessed, I am a sucker for keepsakes.

Gender reveal ideas

The Burnout

So my husband is a total car guy. If I would have seen this before we had our party, we probably would have done it. You get special tires that either burn out pink or blue! How fun is that! This is probably the most expensive route to go, but if I ever have another baby I am so doing this.

The Shoot Out

I happen to think this one is adorable as well! Shooting a target and ending up with pink or blue in the process. It is a fun and different way to announce the gender, especially if you are a family that hunts!

There are literally a never ending plethora of ideas and inspiration for gender reveal parties on Pinterst. It is like the jackpot of party planning and I just can’t get enough! While these I mentioned here are my favorites, there are so many others and no two are exactly alike.

I want to hear from you. Did you do a gender reveal party? If so, what did you do to announce or find out your baby’s gender?



  1. Angela Tolsma says:

    I think we put far too much emphasis on the importance of gender. However I do love the way you choose to reveal it and having a memory keep sake is always a good thing .

  2. karen says:

    haha – these are all so clever and funny and I enjoyed watching! But you’re right – these are totally what people do now. A new trend for parents!

  3. Kristina says:

    So cool! I would like to do this one day. It’d be fun and a lot of excitement built up for everyone including me!!

  4. Keren Charles says:

    I am looking forward to that day when I will be able to do a Gender Reveal party. One of my friends did the gender reveal using cake. When they sliced into the cake it was pink.

  5. Cassie Tucker says:

    Its awesome that you guys will have a keepsake from the gender reveal! The burnout idea is also cool. I had no idea that they had special tires to do something like that.

  6. Dana says:

    I think these are fun creative ways for parents expecting! You guys look liked you had so much fun at you gender reveal!

  7. roxy says:

    How fun are these ideas??? I love the anticipation of finding out whether my friends and cousins and such are having girls or boys, these would be some really awesome ways to find out!

  8. Angie Rose says:

    I love how different folks are getting creative with gender reveal parties! I think it’s so cute what you guys did! Congratulations by the way. I haven’t had a baby yet, but these are such cute ideas for the future 🙂

  9. Eva / Kid Minds says:

    I could never do the gender reveal party. Every time I learned the gender, I was fit to burst with the excitement and JUST had to tell everyone I met “It’s a boy! or a girl!” the moment I knew.

  10. Elizabeth O. says:

    I love gender reveal parties! The parents-to-be are very creative and it’s really exciting to find out what the gender of the baby is!

  11. Blythe Alpern says:

    I’ve actually never been to a gender reveal party. Most of my friend with kids had them before these parties became a thing. I don’t know if I would want to wait to find out the gender of my baby at a party. I would probably want to know before everyone else.

  12. Donah @ SJB says:

    I love the blue and pink paint idea. It is super fun. It’s a game that kids, young parents and the oldies can relate. Everybody can and most likely participate, since it is just super fun!

  13. Jeanine says:

    I haven’t ever had a gender reveal party or anything like that. I think it would be a lot of fun though. If I ever did get my 8th I think I’d wait for birth to find out! Then have a reveal party!

  14. Brittany says:

    I love all the fun ways they have to do this now. I didn’t think about it while I was pregnant. I was too excited!

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