Best Blogging Facebook Groups

As bloggers, we all want to see that traffic steadily increase. So after starting a blog, a great next step is to join Facebook groups for bloggers. The problem is there are so many groups, that it is hard to know which ones are the best. Well, don’t worry, i have done the work for you and can tell you what the best blogging Facebook groups are that you need to join.


The best blogging Facebook groups that you need to join today!Best Blogging Facebook Groups

Why Join a Facebook Group?

Facebook groups can be a gold mine for bloggers. They will allow for you to network with other bloggers as well as promote your own site. Now, these groups do have rules, so make sure you read them before just throwing out links to your page. You can find general groups, as well as niche specific groups. I really like both of them for different reasons. The niche specif groups are helpful at building not only an audience, but a group of like-minded individuals who will be there to help you. The general blogging groups are great as well because you can see other perspectives and get fresh eyes on your content.

As I mentioned, when you join, make sure you read the rules. They are usually in a pinned post or in the description. Many of these groups have daily share threads, which are awesome for getting traffic. I personally prefer “do all” threads, as opposed to those where you pick and choose. This ensures that your link will get likes, shares, comments, and pins!

While the share threads are amazing, my favorite part about these best blogging Facebook groups is the fact that you build relationships. I have learned that competition isn’t really an issue in the blogging community. Everyone, pretty much, is open to sharing with you and helping you achieve success as well. These relationships are extremely important and will really boost your blog. With everyone helping you and wanting you to succeed, you just can’t fail!

11 Best Blogging Facebook Groups

Ok, so these are my favorite groups. I am active in them and the people are amazing! Some of these are nice specific, so if you are a mommy blogger, this is a bonus for you!

  1. Parent Bloggers Tribe: A new and awesome group of parents who help you out and there are daily threads!
  2. Blog Support Group: General blogging group with a TON of daily threads. This is my favorite general blogging group.
  3. Show Your Blog Love
  4. Blogging Squad
  5. Bloggers 2Brands
  6. Bloggers Get Social
  7. Mom to Mompreneur
  8. Mom Bloggers Tribe: A truly amazing group of women! This is probably my favorite group. They even have a weekly FB live event.
  9. The Blog Boss Tribe
  10. Blogger Connection
  11. Big Up Your Blog

So those, in my opinion, are the best Facebook groups for bloggers. Since I have been active in them, my traffic has tripled and I have connected with some amazing people. Now, that isn’t to say there isn’t effort to be put in. While others will be sharing your content, you will also be sharing theirs. Abide by the group rules, and I promise you will reap the benefits.

The Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers

If you are new to blogging, be sure to check out the other posts in my Ultimate Blogging Series for Beginners.

Now I want you to let me know if you have any favorite blogging groups on Facebook that I need to be a part of!


  1. Mark says:

    Awesome post Jessi, I’m going to have to check out a couple of those groups, I already use a couple of those and they are great. Also found that Social Media Network Group is a good one too.

  2. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh says:

    I’ll have to check out a few of these, that I hadn’t heard of. When I first started blogging (food blogging), I thought the best way to grow traffic was to join blog link up parties. Not so. Facebook groups are the way to go hands down. Spending my time with those have been the best way to grow!

  3. Melissa says:

    I love the groups because I get to see what everyone is doing and also to sample different writing styles. I will see about getting into some of the other groups.

  4. Kristina says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I will check out a few of these groups! This is great information to know as I build my blog and wanting to increase traffic!

  5. Carolyn says:

    I have been thinking I need to find some fellow mom bloggers so I am going to try some of these out. Getting support from other bloggers is invaluable.

  6. Christi says:

    I’m brand-spanking new to the blogger world. I appreciate you sharing such a resource so I’m going to be checking some of these out! Groups are such a great way to make connections and grow! Thanks again!

    • Jessi says:

      They have been amazing for me. Even aside from share threads, the connections you can make with other bloggers are great

  7. Theresa says:

    Groups are helpful, but they can be a never-ending cycle that takes up all your time. I’m trying to wean myself off of groups so I can focus on organically building my readership.

  8. Jean says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these! I’ve just gone and requested to join many of them relevant to me. I’m in a few groups at the moment, which can sometimes get confusing with the different rules they have. But I definitely think that they can be beneficial.

  9. Teresa says:

    Facebook groups are great if you are just starting out or really need some great exposure or advice. I have learned some valuable tips from FB groups.

  10. Yona Williams says:

    I had to Pin this one right away, I am always on the hunt for a solid group of bloggers. I have learned a lot from the ones I have joined. I am not familiar with all of these, but I am going to check out a few from this list.

  11. Christine says:

    The mom blog tribe is one of my favs too. It is awesome to find a group that hits on your niche too because you know your audience will love their stuff too!

  12. roxy says:

    What a great post! I hadn’t heard of some of these blogging groups before, and every resource is a helpful one. Thanks for rounding them up here!

  13. Amanda Love says:

    There are plenty of good facebook groups out there and these are definitely some of the groups that I’m part of. I love being able to be part of a community that helps its members thrive.

  14. Cindy Ingalls says:

    I’m a big fan of Bloggers Get Social. It’s a solid group with nice people. I’ve joined some groups where the admins don’t pay attention to people who don’t follow the rules and it can be frustrating. Blogging groups are great for not just having people reciprocate on your posts but also to gain knowledge from.

    • Jessi says:

      Ha I figured as much. It is just the name of the group. But it really is a tribe of mothers supporting one another

  15. Tereza says:

    You have some great picks here! I’m in a couple of groups and am running my own called Blogstart but will definitely check some of these out xx

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