Freebies for Mom: The Ultimate Resource Guide

Having a baby can be overwhelming! Baby items can be extremely expensive, but I have good news! There are tons of places that offer free baby products to new moms. There are so many freebies for mom, if you just take the time to search them out. I get that not everyone has time to hunt down freebies individually, so I have compiled this ultimate resource guide of freebies for mom!

Get the Ultimate resource guide packed full of freebies for mom! Samples and full size products are yours for FREE!

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Freebies for Mom

Ultimate list of freebies for new moms. Free for new moms. Free samples.

Amazon Baby Registry

When you create a baby registry through Amazon, you will be eligible to get a FREE welcome box! All you have to do is create a registry using the Amazon baby checklist. Once your registry is completed, there needs to be a purchase valued $10 or more made from your registry. This does not have to be from you. Anyone who makes a purchase through your registry will trigger your eligibility. Once that threshold is met, you will see the FREE welcome box option on the left side of your registry. Just click, claim now and it will be shipped to your door! Now, you do need to have a Prime Membership to be eligible BUT you can do a 30 day FREE trial by clicking this link Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. I got this box when I was pregnant and it had a bottle, pacifier, wipes and diaper samples in it.

Target Baby Registry

This is similar to the Amazon Registry, except there is NO purchase requirements.  You can start your registry online and then go to the store to claim your FREE gift basket. Just go up to customer service, tell them you opened a registry and want your welcome gift. This is a super easy freebie for mom. Target also offers a 15% discount on anything on your registry after the date of your shower! When I got my bag, it had coupons, diapers and wipes, a pacifier, and a bottle included!

Everyday Family

Everyday Family is an amazing site for new moms! You can sign up for a FREE account and receive offers for free products, informational emails, and so much more! Right now when you set up your account you can get entered to win FREE diapers for  a year! I signed up for them when I had my son and ended up with a bunch of coupons and FREE sample products. I still get offers from them to this day. So just sign up, and get free samples, it really couldn’t be easier!

Sam’s Club Baby Box

Sam’s Club offers a FREE baby box to mom’s who sign up! The best part is you don’t even have to be a Sam’s Club member to take advantage of this freebie for mom! Just go here and sign up to get your free box! This one did take a while to arrive, but it was FREE. It had a little book and some diaper and wipe samples in it.


Similac, the formula company, also offers a program where they send FREE samples and coupons to mom. This isn’t a one time gift either. I am still receiving periodic coupons in the mail from when I signed up when I was pregnant. I got a large sized can of their formula as well as coupons and checks to use! Just go here and sign up! If you want to see what I got from this company, check out my Free Samples in the Mail Post for more.


Gerber is another company that offers great freebies for mom. When you sign up for their MYGerber program, you will be on their mailing list to get coupons and formula samples in the mail. I ended up with quite a few sample cans when I signed up.


Enfamil will send you FREE formula samples and coupons. All you have to do is sign up here.  When I signed up I even got FREE monthly age stickers for my baby! They are perfect for doing your monthly grow with me photo!

Seventh Generation Diapers

You can get a FREE trial of Seventh Generation diapers by clicking here. The trial includes a full pack of diapers and a pack of 32 wipes! All you have to pay is the shipping, which was around $2. This is a subscription service, so if you sign up don’t forget to cancel! If you are interested, you can check out my entire review on Seventh Generation diapers.

The Honest Company

This is another one where you will have to pay shipping and remember to cancel your subscription. Honest Company offers an almost FREE sample of their subscription service. You will get diapers and wipes or you can choose their baby products. They have great products! Just don’t forget to cancel your subscription before you get billed for a full order.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

This will vary depending on your area. Dolly Parton has set up a program that will send FREE books to kids from birth until they are five years old! If you live in an area that participates, this is a WONDERFUL program. Your kid will get a FREE book every month until they age out! They are constantly expanding their included area so go to the website here and check to see if you can get this awesome freebie for mom.

Free Breast Pump

Breast pumps can be extremely expensive! Today, most insurance companies offer a FREE pump to expectant mothers. Check your policy or call your provider and ask them about this. If they don’t offer it, WIC typically will also give a Free pump if you qualify for their services! I got a Medela Pump, like this one, through my insurance when I was pregnant with my second child and it is amazing.


Sometimes, you just have to ask! I know I had great success with e-mailing companies and simply asking if they offer samples or coupons. You can search any company that you want to try, find their email address and then send them a nice email. For more information on Getting Free Products in the Mail just check out my in depth post!

The Ultimate resource guide for freebies for mom!


So what are you waiting for? Go out there and get your freebies for mom today! Do you have anything to add to this list, if so, just leave it in the comments below!


  1. Carrie says:

    I wish that I had this list while I was pregnant. A couple of things I knew, but getting the free samples of Similac would have been good since my baby was a formula baby. And thanks for talking about getting the free pumps, I feel like a lot of women don’t know about it and they are paying hundreds of dollars for something they can get for free! Keep spreading the good word!

  2. Janel Berchielli (@JanelB) says:

    That is so great there are so many free offers available to moms. My kids are much much older but when I was expecting with them the only free items I got was cans of formula which I didn’t need and a diaper bag from the hospital that’s it nothing more

  3. Ana De-Jesus says:

    I had no idea that there was so many resources available for moms and since I know a few expecting mums this post would be ideal for them to bookmark. Honest Company sounds great x

  4. Morgan says:

    Great post. I had no idea about SAMS. I had such a hard time getting the Honest Company to cancel the membership, I could never get ahold of anyone ha.

  5. Kecia | From Mom's Desk says:

    This is a great resource for mom freebies! When you are expecting, it’s nice to get things you need at no cost. I signed up with Similac back in the day, and I always had a registry with Walmart when I was pregnant.

  6. Melissa says:

    Those free deals add up. I don’t have a new baby or will have one but I know a lot of people who will use this information, thank you for compiling it.

    • Jessi says:

      They really do add up. I ended up with like 4 free bottles and a bunch of pacifiers and books. It was really fun getting all of them.

  7. Georgiana says:

    Oh my goodness! I would have loved to have this list when my kids were babies!!! This is so helpful for new moms, especially since the expenses mount so quickly in the early years. Of course, the expenses are pretty hefty no matter what stage the kids are in. LOL!

  8. Author Brandi Kennedy says:

    I loved seeing Dolly’s Imagination Library on this list! As an author, I think literacy is so important, and both of my kids were enrolled in the Imagination Library when they were younger. I live in the Knoxville are (very close to where Dolly grew up in Sevierville), and she’s quite beloved in our region.

  9. Elizabeth O. says:

    Having kids is not exactly cheap especially if you end up having twins like me! Double for everything, imagine that! I think it’s nice that you shared this list, it’s really going to help new parents out.

  10. Carol Cassara says:

    This is really helpful! There’s nothing like getting free stuff to lower your expenditures and to help your prepare for your baby as well. I’m sure a lot of parents will appreciate this list.

  11. Tereza says:

    I’ve had absolutely no idea that you can get so many freebies! Forwarding it to my friend who’s expecting, she’s gonna love it (although she’s probably already reading your blog haha!) xx

  12. Carolyn says:

    Great list. I wish I had reached out more to companies to get freebies especially when I had my twins. The best things I received was a lot of free formula.

  13. Cara (@StylishGeek) says:

    It is awesome that new moms can get so many free things nowadays! Will share your post to those who can use the info! Thanks!

  14. Losa says:

    A really useful post. You are constantly bombarded by adverts of things you need as a new mum, when in reality you need little. Great to see some freebies featured!

  15. Savannah says:

    Oh wow, this is so awesome!! Even though this is my second, it’s still easy to feel overwhelmed, and these free items really help! Thanks for sharing <3

    • Jessi says:

      I’m glad it was helpful! With my oldest I don’t remember getting all this free stuff, but with my youngest I made sure to look into it!

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