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I always have been, and always will be, an advocate for breastfeeding. I nursed my oldest until she was two years old. While I loved every minute of it, I had a difficult time going from breast to bottle. We were never able to find a bottle that she truly enjoyed taking. After having my second baby, I knew I wanted something that was as close as possible to the breast as possible. The NUK Simply Natural bottles have been my lifesaver. They allow for me to easily go from breast to bottle when leaving my little boy with a sitter for a night.

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From Breast to Bottle


Breastfeeding is not only a way to feed your baby. It is a unique bonding experience for both mother and baby. As I mentioned, I am exclusively breastfeeding my son up until he self-weans. While there are numerous benefits to breastfeeding, there can also be a few pitfalls. One thing that I experienced with my oldest, is the sometimes difficult transition from breast to bottle.  We had a difficult time finding any bottles that she would take. Which made leaving her with a caregiver almost impossible. With my youngest, I was determined to find a great bottle so I could get some much needed relief from time to time.


NUK Simply Natural Bottles

Thankfully, I discovered the NUK Simply Natural line of bottles and we fell in love. These bottles are specially designed to mimic a mother’s breast. Not only are the nipples modeled after the shape of a breast, they also have up to nine small holes as opposed to one. The breast doesn’t have just one “hole” where milk comes out, there are numerous small areas on a human nipple that excrete milk. To make the breast to bottle transition easier, NUK has modeled their Simply Natural line after real women. The soft and flexible silicone promotes a good latch so the baby will feel more at ease as it is similar to a real breast. There are three different flow options as well which you can choose depending on your child’s needs.

You can purchase these bottles at either Walmart  or Target. You also have the option to purchase the Freemie Cups, which are perfect for discreet breast milk collection either at Target or Walmart as well.

breast to bottleMy Experience

When I received the NUK Simply Natural bottles, I decided I wanted to go ahead and try them out. I thawed out some frozen milk to use for my son’s next feeding. Now, as I mentioned earlier, my daughter would never take a bottle if I was around. So this was a big test. Feeding time rolled around, and too my pleasant surprise, my little boy had no resistance to taking the bottle. I was extremely pleased. I will be leaving him with a caregiver more often, and these bottles will come in very handy.

Since I plan to continue breastfeeding, I love that these bottles do not cause nipple confusion. I was worried that after taking a bottle, my little boy would not want the breast anymore. Thankfully, that was not the case. Due to the natural design, I have been able to go from breast to bottle and back to breast with no issues.This has helped foster the feeding bond that I have with my son while allowing for free time once in a while.

NUK Simply Natural




  1. robin masshole mommy says:

    I exclusively bottle fed and loved Nuk when my boys were babies. They were very comfortable for the boys and caused less gas.

  2. Dilraz Kunnummal says:

    A ebf mommy here ! But i also am working. Hence i needed bottles.
    The finny thing is my boy never accepted the expensive sets i bought like Tommie Tippee but loved the Pigeon ones.
    From speaking to tonnes of moms, i ve found that there is no one answer! But i ll definitely recommend nuk if someone asks..

  3. Katriza says:

    I never tried Nuk when I was transitioning from breast to bottle or when I worked full time when my son was ebf too. I think this would’ve made my life so much easier!

    • Jessi says:

      I’m most likely going back to work full time soon, so these will be a big help so I can still nurse when I’m not at work

  4. J. Ivy Boyter says:

    This sounds like something I needed when I was EBF my son. That was his choice as I never could get him to take a bottle. Talk about rough, especially considering I hadn’t really wanted to breastfeed LOL

  5. Ma-An Manlangit says:

    Thanks for this! My cousin was actually trying to figure out how she can transition her daughtet to bottles from breastfeeding. She wont take a bottle..ill send her this link to read.

  6. Janel Berchielli (@JanelB) says:

    My first child had no problems taking a bottle but she was very picky on the type of bottle that she would take. When my second baby came around he absolutely refused the bottle and basically went straight from the breast to a sippy cup when he was old enough .

  7. Chel says:

    My son was breastfed by way of pump and bottle, but we never tried this brand. Now, he is well past the bottle-stage, but if we ever have another go around, I’ll give these a try.

  8. Milton Goh says:

    Wow! Seems like a really good brand of milk bottle! I heard of it but never got to try it as my baby daughter is formula fed, and didn’t drink breastmilk for more than 2 months.

  9. David Elliott says:

    That’s great that you were able to have that bonding experience with your child. I feel badly that my ex and my daughter had that time shortlived because of some medications she had to take that made it impossible to breastfeed. Looks like a good product you have here. Glad that you found something that helps when you need a break.

  10. Mandi says:

    I was super bummed that I wasn’t able to breastfeed due to medications I took. In relation to the product you shared, I never tried NUK, but definitely found some brands I did and didn’t like.

  11. blair villanueva says:

    thank you for your post and i learned a lot about bottle feeding. Hope i could do it right, when I have my own child 🙂

  12. Tereza says:

    You have such a wonderful little baby, such a cutie! This is ever so useful for new mums, as all your posts always are:) x

  13. Journa Ramirez says:

    Feeding from breast to bottle is really a huge adjustment especially to the baby. Thanks for the great tips for making this transition!

  14. Elizabeth O. says:

    It’s never easy to transition. It’s nice to know that these bottles won’t make your baby feel uneasy. This is my first time hearing about this brand.

  15. Nikki says:

    Breastfeeding is such a wonderful bond to create with your baby, but we definitely cant be expected to be able to nurse all the time. I am so glad that bottles are being made in regards to making the transition easy and they are always coming out with better tweaks for it.

  16. reesann723 says:

    I am so glad brands are really starting to take note of how babies are going to need help transitioning! What a great bottle for babies!

  17. Charlotte says:

    We had real trouble transitioning from breast to bottle and in the end we gave up and went to solids, he would drink from a sippy cup but not a bottle, go figure!

  18. Angela says:

    I breastfed for the first year, but my kids love the nun pacifiers. Those days are long over for me now, but I will share with some friends!

  19. Cameron says:

    Great tips for new moms! I like your thorough review of the bottle – my cousin’s children were all picky about their bottle, so I wonder if they ever tried this!

  20. Working Mum says:

    Great tips! Always found the transition tricky and the only bottles that worked for me were Tommee Tippee. Worked well for baby one and two but baby number three is not keen on them. Never tried this brand but may have to give it a go x

  21. Angela Ricardo Bethea says:

    Wow, NUK Simply Natural bottles really sounds incredible! It will definitely help out mommies out there who wants to continue breastfeeding and wants to use bottles when they are not around. I will definitely try this too on my little angel!

  22. Jalisa Harris says:

    I wasn’t able to breastfeed due to lack of milk unfortuantely. I did bottle feed. I didn’t use Nuk but I used something similar. Knowing Nuk offers something similar to the breast I will try these the second time around.

  23. Mae says:

    That’s so great that you found a product that won’t cause nipple confusion! It’s best to breastfeed but I had a hard time with it.

  24. Brittany says:

    I’m out of this season of my kids lives now but I remember how crazy it was transitioning to a bottle. These are great tips!

  25. Karina Pacheco says:

    It can be hard to transition from breast to bottle but a great bottle does make a difference and Nuk bottles are one of the best. Great tips!

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