Healthy Snacks for Picky Kids

If your kids are anything like mine, they want to snack all day long! My daughter will tell me she is STARVING mere minutes after finishing a meal. When she does this, usually she is wanting cookies or candy, but I always instead offer her a healthy snack alternative. Lately, she has been really great about actually eating the healthy snack as well! She can be a bit picky, so I had to get creative and a little sneaky at times. These healthy snacks have been tested by my daughter and are loved in our house, as they will be in yours as well!

Kid approved healthy snacks. Kids love the taste, parents love hoe healthy they are!

Healthy Snacks for Picky Kids


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Sneakz Organic

If your kids are like mine, getting them to eat their vegetables can be a struggle. I am pretty sure my daughter would survive on Mac and Cheese alone if I let her! Sneakz is a great way to get your little one to ingest some healthy veggies without them knowing. These delicious milk shakes are all organic and filled with hidden veggies. My daughter LOVES the chocolate one the best. She just thinks it is chocolate milk, but I know better. Sneakz has three different flavors; chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. They are our new go to drink for snack time. The company is currently running a special giveaway for my readers as well! Keep reading until the bottom of the page for your chance to win an awesome prize package.

Carrot Cake Bites

This is a recipe that I was lucky enough to find from another wonderful blogger named Marci from Vegging At The Shore. We tried them out and my daughter ate them up! The best part, you don’t even have to bake this healthy snack. These are super simple to make, and the kids love helping roll them into little balls. You can see the carrot cake bites recipe on Marci’s blog.

Ants on a Log

My daughter loves raisins, but is not too keen on celery. I have been doing the tried and true method of making ants on a log and she has been eating it up. This healthy snack is simple. Just put peanut butter on celery and top it with raisins. I have yet to meet a kid that wouldn’t at least try this. We like to try out different butters, like almond and cashew butter as well.

Peanut Butter Cheerio Bars

I don’t think that I have met a kid yet who does not love Cheerios. So when I saw Jen, of Our Family of Seven, post a recipe for Peanut Butter Cheerio Bars, I know I had to try them. I was not disappointed! First they are easy to make, an secondly they are delicious. They were a hit with my daughter and super easy to throw in a baggie to take with us on the go.


Something that I have been doing for quite some time is making Popsicles. I have a really great tray that I use and I can fill it with anything I want and freeze it. Lately, a house favorite has been yogurt and fresh fruit. All you have to do is get a tub of yogurt and some fresh fruit. Then you cut the fruit up and mix it into the yogurt. Place in the mold and freeze! It makes for a perfect snack on hot days. I talk more about the popsicles and other healthy recipes on my post Sneaky Recipes for Picky Eaters. Popsicles are great healthy snacks because the options are limitless.

Banana Ice Cream

As far as healthy snacks go, this one is genius! While it is more of a dessert, it is so good that I let my daughter eat it as a snack often. All you have to do is get bananas, cut them up and freeze them overnight. Once they are frozen you just put them in a food processor and viola! You have delicious and healthy “ice cream”.

Kid approved healthy snacks. Kids love the taste, parents love hoe healthy they are!


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  1. Amber says:

    Everything you mentioned sounds tasty! I think my kids would eat most of it. Especially that banana ice cream.

  2. Author Brandi Kennedy says:

    These are fun ideas for ways to sneak extra nutrition into picky kids. Mine are pretty picky too, especially my youngest – but I know she’d go for the yogurt popsicles. We love smoothies, and that’s similar enough that she would eat it without worrying about what’s in it.

  3. Shauna says:

    My goodness it’s so hard to get children to eat vegetables…what a great way to get something healthy inside of them thanks for sharing ..features giveaway

  4. mommytakes5 says:

    I hadn’t heard of many of these. I will be bookmarking this for later. As my toddler grows she is going from the child who will eat anything to not wanting veggies anymore. Anything to get those veggies in her is worth it.

  5. Meredith from Mommy in Leggings says:

    Oh these all sound amazing!! It sounds like something I’d eat myself, which makes it so much easier to give my daughter since all she wants is what I have! LOL!

  6. mamabops says:

    Those Sneakz drinks sound amazing! I’m always trying to find ways to get my son to eat veggies. I entered your giveaway, so hopefully we can try some of our own soon!

  7. Kim says:

    When my sister was a little girl, she said her favorite vegetables were chocolate and strawberry. This might actually be a reality now with Sneakz!

  8. Marcie says:

    We love the banana ice cream! I learned that recipe on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood 🙂 Who would have thought to put veggies in chocolate milk?

    • Jessi says:

      My daughter loves Daniel Tiger! And I know right, it tastes great though and you can’t even tell there’s veggies

  9. nlampert says:

    I’m definitely going to have to try making those carrot cake bites, they sound delicious! Even though I’m not a kid or a picky eater, I’m always looking for healthy snack ideas.

  10. stannacarey says:

    My favorite is the banana ice cream! We have that at our house on the reg! I mix it with cacao for a chocolate version. oh so good! I like all of these ideas. Sometimes you just have to make food fun to get your kids to eat it!

  11. Working Mum says:

    I love the popsicles idea! I spend a lot of time hiding secret blended veg into all of their meals and am lucky that they will all eat fruit, breadsticks or flavoured rice cakes as a snack, but good to have tips for ideas if they get fussier.

  12. thefashionableaccountant says:

    This sounds awesome! I actually just read this whole post to my kids haha. They were like oh no are we never going to get candy again?! hahaha I def want to try these myself.

    • Jessi says:

      ha ha ha that is too funny! I have to hide candy because my daughter will climb the pantry to get to it when I am asleep!

  13. Tina says:

    Ants on a log are always my go-to when I’m at the point of – you will eat a vegetable today! I’m going to see what they think of the carrot cake bites. Those look like a great “treat” for scool lunches,too!

  14. Journa says:

    Wow! i can now relate to this since i am a new mom. Some kids are really picky eaters. My daughter is still a baby so i will be keeping this useful blog.

  15. Tereza says:

    You have picked some great ideas – they are fab not just for kids but for the picky boyfriends too haha:) Carrot cake bites sound right up his street!:) x

  16. Amy Desrosiers says:

    My son is a picky eater. He never wants to eat the foods we make him. I could use some extra nutrition for him and I think he’d enjoy these shakes.

  17. shelbbunks says:

    It can be so hard to get kids to eat healthy. This is a great list of healthy snacks. I was a picky eater as a kid, so I know it can be hard for parents.

  18. duffelbagspouse says:

    My grandson is always hungry, but we figured out he just has a high metabolism. He is not a junk food eater, he prefers real food. He wouldn;t eat nuggets, hot dogs or thinks like hot pockets. So I kept cold salads in the fridge, like macaroni and tuna or pastas.

  19. Maria says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    Having a picky child and the only one out of the five that complete it..its hard!
    Im going to try these with him. And they sound so fun!

  20. Shann Eva says:

    I feel like my boys eat all day long too. And you’re so right about them just wanting snacks. I’d love to sneak more veggies in, so these are all great options.

  21. Krysten says:

    I have never heard of Sneakz before, but now that I have, I am ordering a ton of it. My kid can be really picky and sometimes we can’t get veggies in him, I try everything, so this drink along with your tips will really help me!

  22. Ola says:

    I’ve never heard of Sneakz before. But it sounds like something I might like. That banana ice cream sounds delicious!

  23. Blythe Alpern says:

    I love nice cream. It tastes just as good as the real stuff. I need to make it more often. Kids are so picky these days. I’m amazed to see how bad it is whenever I spend time with my nieces and nephew. My sister has cut down on their snacking to ensure they start eating their meals, but even then it is a challenge.

  24. Brittany|Memoirs Of A Good Thing says:

    Oh my goodness my kids are the same way! I’m like you just ate! I’m really trying to find healthier alternatives for them. Thankfully my kids LOVE fruit but it would be cool to switch it up a bit! We have tried the ants on a log and they really liked that. We should try the banana ice cream. It sounds super simple and they could help. They are always more willing to try something when they have helped make it! 😉

  25. Architect of free time says:

    I’m crazy about healthy food! Love the healthy snaks ideas, you say they are perfect for kids…but i think i’m gonna make some of them for myself! 🙂

  26. Mia says:

    This is a wonderful blog post! I run into these exact issues when feeding my kids, especially my 3 year old. She thinks she should get a “special treat” after every meal (insert eye roll). Thank you for providing suggestions for healthy alternatives!

  27. Amber says:

    All of these are great ideas and perfect snacks for “on the go” as so many people are now! All look like they’d get thumbs up from any kid I know!

  28. maria criselda maquiling says:

    I do the banana ice cream but that sneakz milk is such a clever idea! unfortunately they don’t have it here so I might have to make my own recipe =)

  29. blair villanueva says:

    Wow these snacks are soo unique! I hope these are now available to our nearest American stores. I want to try them all!

  30. Houx says:

    I laugh literally out loud because I can totally relate. If I had a quarter for everytime my son turned to me and said, “Mom, Im hungry!” I would be rich. These snacks look like a winner. I will have to cross my fingers that I win your giveaway so we can try them.

  31. Caitlin says:

    I love these ideas! I don’t give my kids sugar or junk, and I’m always excited to get more ideas. My son loves peanut butter and raisins, so I will have to try the ants on a log.

  32. Elizabeth O. says:

    Those are all great ideas! I am lucky that my twins weren’t that picky when they were smaller. But you really need to have more recipes at hand in case!

  33. Amanda Love says:

    I really like these ideas! They’re all healthy and you don’t have to worry about your child eating too much sugar. It’s important to be creative when you have a picky eater.

  34. Ashley says:

    I think I would like a lot of these, haha 😉 I’ll have to keep these in mind for when my little girl is a bit older! We just started baby led weaning.

  35. Miles and Ellie says:

    I forgot how much I love ants on a log! We’ve been doing yoghurt popsicles with the little one for the past few days. Teething has hit us hard (again) these past few weeks and these popsicles seem to really help ease the pain!

  36. Gina says:

    Oh my gosh I need to try these shakes. My son LOVES chocolate milk and would probably live off of it if I let him. The constant snacking is ridiculous. All of theee sound amazing and I kind of just want to make the carrot cake balls for myself. 😂

  37. Raquel says:

    The cheerio bars are my go to when my kids decide to be picky eaters…I needed some new ideas. I know they would eat everything on here, especially banana ice cream!

  38. den says:

    My daughter is a picky eater. Most of the time she would eat biscuits and bread. We are really finding it hard to make her eat vegetables! I hope I can get my hands on those Sneakz organics snacks here in the Philippines.

  39. Jaclyn Bree says:

    It’s not that Doll is picky per se, just that she would rather drink milk than eat. At all. It can be quite frustrating. But I’m sure there are a couple things on your list that I might be able to convince her to try and I plan to do just that! Especially the banana ice cream!

  40. Maria says:

    Those actually sound nonthreatening and something my little ones would love. Thanks for sharing, going to bookmark this so I can put that on my list for next grocery trip. Hopefully I can find some if not all, since I’m from Canada.

  41. Savannah says:

    Some really really great choices! Ants on a log is one of my son’s favorites and, now that things are really starting to warm up, it’s time to pull out the popsicles again! It’s so fun to play with flavors and recipes to come up with your own homemade popsicles! Thanks for sharing <3

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